Two Days Later

So far so good.  Oatmeal with nuts and fruit for breakfast, whole grain crackers counted out, non-fat sandwich for lunch.  Dinner's more challenging because we're eating out, but basically I'm making smart choice.  We went to a Mexican restaurant last night and I had fajitas.  (Truth in advertising department -- I also had a passion fruit margarita).  Today I'm keeping on with the plan (third day).

And the plan is basically Mediterranean/low carb.  Only complex carbo hydrates, lots of veggies and salads and fruit. Lean meat and legumes.  If I can do it on the road and staying in my SIL's house then doing it at home should be a piece of cake.

I'm really feeling in the zone, too.  Not tempted by treats, etc. Tomorrow we go to Trader Joe's and that might be painful, but I'll survive.  And we have lunch at my friend Naki's, so I'll just have to make smart choices.

But praise the lord I feel ready!!!  I can do this, I can feel better, I can enjoy the things around me instead of sitting.

Life is a banquet, and it tastes a lot better than food.


Okay, I'm too fat.  It's a fact of life, one I try to ignore, but it's getting so I can't do anything.  I've got knees that have to be replaced, and I need to lose weight before I get them done, I have plantar fasciitis (god, that really is the way to spell it!) and standing hurts.  I need to carve off a good 50 pounds.  Part of this comes from having lunch with some friends in Portland and seeing Noreen with her new knees, 50 pounds lighter.  But this entire trip has made me realize just how screwed up I am.  I can't even be in a play this summer - it's too much for me.  Can't go to RWA because NYC would be impossible with an electric cart and I can't do the walking.

So it's time.  Sorry guys, but for the next month this is going back to Reinventing Fabulous, where I focus on my weight and exercise and feeling better.

The good news is I'm coming up to my one year anniversary of not drinking diet sodas.  Nowadays I'll occasionally have a full octane coke, but that's about one a month and if I'm tempted (which I don't think I will be - I tossed out half of the one I had a couple of days ago) then I won't have them at all.

In fact, I guess right now I give up real coke anyway, because of the calories.  And (sob) craft beers, which have been fun.

Noreen did low-carb, but I'm thinking back to my usual.  Oatmeal with fruit and nuts (for protein) for breakfast, salads for lunch, dinner without starches or limited carbs like brown rice or quinoa.

No more pretzel goldfish (sob).  Time to pull myself together -- there are tons of things to do out there.  My mantra has always been Auntie Mame's -- "life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.  Live!"  I think I've been taking it too literally.  By partaking of the food banquet I'm losing out on everything else.  So the time has come.

I must weigh about 245-250.  I will feel better.  I will feel glorious!  and it starts now.

Travels with Krissie

We're on Whidbey Island this morning, in a comfortable hotel room, having had a nice breakfast and a great seafood dinner last night.  We started in a suburb of Seattle, had dinner with with family, then took off for Port Townsend, which would be a perfect place to live if it wasn't so expensive.  Spent three nights there,but everything we could afford was crammed next to other people and dingy looking.

It's hard when you need to move from the most beautiful place in the world -- you get spoiled.

What I am managing to do is write.  Well, revise.  Cruise went through the mss. and her notes are cracking me up.  She's been absolutely right on almost everything, but I come across notes like "last rites from info dump" and "your hero is such a dick" (and he was).  The book was a mess, mainly because of my physical difficulties in writing (it's been very stop and start) so there was no through line, no focus.

Jenny's brilliant and funny and scathing, so you need to have a tough hide, but with this book I do (Oh, she can be gentle too if I need her to be).  But sometimes it's best to let someone you trust completely have at it with an axe so you can see what you've been doing and what you need to be doing.  My plan to write while we drive hasn't come true yet, but I do spend time working while Richie goes for walks (wrote a scene while he walked out on the Dungeness Spit yesterday).  

One thing that's weird as hell is the cannabis stores.  I wanted to go in just for grins (not for weed) but I thought it might annoy them.  Still, very strange.

We're heading down the Skaget Valley today, then back to Seattle before we take off in another direction.  Great beer abounds (I love beer in small doses) and great coffee and great company (my husband) so life is good.  Oh, and Outlander is back on!  What more can a girl ask?


I wonder how many times i've put Aaaargh as the title of a blog post.  I'm at my standard point in a book where it appears hopeless and all is lost!  I get to about 20k words and suddenly it seems like shit.  I've introduced the characters, the conflict, and then what the hell do I do next?

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