Life Improves

I've got the beginning. And if life would just stop getting in the way I could soar though this book. Two chapters down, two damned good chapters down, and it just feels right, thank God. I just have to hope trauma stops getting in the way.

Part of my problem was reading Tara Janzen's terrific CRAZY series. They're wonderful -- incredibly fast-paced, sexy, funny, fabulous. And without realizing it I kept trying to write ICE BLUE the same way, and it's really a very different world my characters are living in. Morality is much more ambiguous, good guys are bad guys and vice versa, and any humor is pretty black. So I have to resist temptation and not read CRAZY KISSES until I'm finished with this book. Who'd a thunk I'd be so suggestible?

Ah, but my exotic, beautiful hero is just about to kill the heroine when she says something to stop him cold, and it's just going to get better from there. Yum.

Page 35, but lots more on the way, since it's due in the beginning of May.

In the meantime, now that I've done my duty, maybe I'll curl up and watch Howl's Moving Castle for the fourth time.