Rocking and rolling!

OK, fifteen pages today. Life's been getting in the way somewhat, but I'm now on page 50 and cautiously optimistic. Hell, no, I'm not. Right now I think this is the most brilliant book I've ever written. I'm totally in love with it, but that's no guarantee. I was (and still am) totally in love with INTO THE FIRE and that was a bit too much for a lot of people. And I'm afraid I'm going overboard with this one too. But you know, holding back, chickening out is a terrible thing for a writer to do.
My favorite movie about creativity is TIN CUP, the golf movie. Where Kevin Costner does the most stupid, arrogant, totally magnificent thing, instead of playing it smart and safe. That's the kind of writer I want to be. I don't want to write safe books -- I want to throw everything into it, clean it up if need be (sometimes even I think I go too far) and just let it be, in all its glorious messiness.
This might be one of those gift books. Considering it took me about six times to get the opening right, I deserve to have it take off from this point on.
Damn, I'm good!