12 Days of Isobel day 6 and 7

My darlings! I've been squeezing out new pages, slowly but surely, now hovering around page 150 (with 300 more to go in two weeks -- I don't think so). The cool thing is, even though the pages aren't piling up the way they should, the big picture is falling into place. Reno is going to take the damaged child soldier under his wing and teach him video games and cursing. Isobel's tightly controlled emotions are going to break through her icy demeanor and melt all over the place.
She's going to try to kill the hero because he won't give her a cigarette. Good times.
And sooner or later we're going to find out exactly who our hero, the Most Dangerous Man on Earth according to Time Magazine, really is.
In two weeks? Yikes!