The 47th day of Isobel

My darlings! OK, I fell down on the job. I was going to post everyday, to keep me motivated, but then the book, this delicious book, took over.
First, a shot of my hero:

101 pages in the last week (and I took a day off).

Sunday: 17 pages

Monday: 15 pages

Tuesday: 15 pages

Wednesday: 15 pages

Thursday: 16 pages

Friday: nada

Saturday: 13 pages

Sunday: 14 pages

I have no idea if that ads up to 101 but I was at 150 on my last post and I'm at 251 today. I'm going to make my deadline! Today I wrote angry, violent, powerful sex, and was so exhausted I had to take a two hour nap. Hey, it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

I'm listening to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Fidelity by Regina Spektor, Lovers in a Dangerous Time by Bruce Cockburn. If I can do another 100 pages next week I'll be ready for the final push (I always finish books in a mad rush).

When I told Jenny Crusie I was doing 15 pages a day she said "that's four thousand words. Don't hurt yourself."

But I'm thriving. I love love love this book!