Australia and New Zealand

We're in New Zealand now, where the people are equally as lovely as the Aussies but the weather leaves something to be desired, as does the hotel room (previously inhabited by a smoker). But it's still great to be here.

Before we left Sydney we went to the wild animal exhibit -- wallabies and koalas and reptiles and spiders. Jenny's and my favorite spot was the butterfly garden, where I fell in love with the Ulysses Butterfly.

The only problem was we couldn't get them on film -- they moved too fast. But they were absolutely magical -- one even landed on Jenny's shoulder for a bit. (For a moment even Jenny held still.)

Then off to Brisbane, where my camera wouldn't upload pictures of my fabulous room and view (but I'll do it as soon as I get back). In the meantime you can read (and see) more about Brisbane at Jenny's blog

We arrived in New Zealand where Jenny succumbed to cholera (or whatever evil disease was lurking in Sydney), I spent the night throwing up, and a good time was had by all. We're heading back to the States a little earlier (Sunday night after the conference) since we're both feeling a little wobbly, but let me tell you the Kiwis are as marvelous as the Aussies and next time I get back here I'm going to spend a lot more time.