Reno has a day of rest, Day 6

So I got up and did my little talk (giving far too much information) and then took off, heading back home in hopes of getting Reno and company out of the showdown in one piece. Unfortunately for them I was just burned out, so I lay down and watched hours of tivo'd tv (some ok, some brilliant ) and remembered how incredibly luscious Will Yun Lee is (on Bionic Woman -- quelle opening!)
That's what Reno would look like if he cut his hair and let it go back to his natural dark color. Nothing like a little inspiration to keep me going.
Back to work on Sunday morning. This book WILL be done by Day 12. If not sooner.
The good news is I got an extra 7 pages done by the shores of Lake Champlain yesterday, bringing me to 21 pages for the day, so I deserved a day of rest.
Go, Krissie, go!