Ohio part deux

Well, it's actually a day three but what the hell. Yesterday we sat around the living room, hashing out plot points for Dogs and Goddesses and I had an epiphany about Abby, my heroine. We ate cookies and went shopping and came back and worked up a podcast on Lani's Will Write for Wine podcast series (available for free on iTunes). Today we dragged out butts out of bed, ate at Red Robin and then went to a mass booksigning at a wonderful Barnes and Noble, where the three of us bought more books than we sold (or close to it). Fortunately a portion of the profit was going to a needy school so we were encouraged to spend freely, and we rose to the challenge.
Back home where we ate sandwiches and foolishly thought we had enough brain power to finally play the Mesopotamia board game. Lani and Jenny and I looked at each other and said "let's watch tv."
Lani's making mittens for my daughter, Jenny's working on scarves to felt, and I relearned how to crochet with Jenny's help, while we watched episodes of Burn Notice and cuddled with the dogs. Tomorrow morning we wake up early and write.
Gotta pay for having such a good time. And actually I'm psyched. I can't wait to redo Abby.
Tomorrow there'll be pictures and a link to the podcast.
In the meantime I'm going to bed.
Tomorrow, when our work is done, we'll watch either Ruthless People or Head Office. Anyone got an opinion?