Finally made it here. For those of you who read Jenny Crusie's blog, you know that she and Lani and I have been daydreaming about our perfect writing and living commune, know as Clitoris. I was expecting them to greet me at the airport with a large sign saying Welcome to Clitoris and shocking the hell out of the businessmen but they were well-behaved and whisked me off to IHop, land of pancakes, then back to Jenny's magic house in the woods where we sat around and brainstormed the first act of DOGS AND GODDESSES (we finally have a name for the infamous punch). I reinstalled Itunes while Lani knitted socks and Jenny crocheted an afghan and the dogs took turns cuddling with each of us (except for Veronica, who disapproves of our presence.)
Veronica is a long hair dachsund diva, Wolfie is the neurotic daschsund and star of Dogs and Goddesses, Milton is a mini dachsund and adorable (he's not sure if he loves me or Lani better) and then there's Lucy who's blind and deaf and sweet. We watched an old episode of Burn Notice, Project Runway (we're divided on Christian, united on not liking Sweet P and all of us devoted to Chris) and then enjoyed some eye candy with Oceans Thirteen, which got by on charm. But as Jenny said, we all get by on charm some times.
Tomorrow we work some more. In the meantime, Lani's gone up to bed, Jenny's writing in her bedroom and I'm blogging. Back home in Vermont the snow's so deep the tombstones are covered. Here it's gray and cold but snowless, and the river rolls on by.
Next stop, Target and the quilt store!