Good Times

So life has suddenly become splendid. I became fat, fair and sixty at Disney World (one of my favorite places in the world) along with my kids and my husband. We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside, which was gorgeous, I scooted around on a little scooter (the knee's still bad from the surgery) and struck terror in the heart of bus drivers with my parking skills, I rode lovely rides (favorites being Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan), avoided terrifying rides (anything with Mountain in the name) and decided after my third time on Soarin' that I'm just too chicken. I practically broke my husband's hand I was clutching it so tightly.
We ate glorious food, sometimes with appalling service (the Chefs du France) and sometimes wonderful (everyplace else) and of course for my actual 60 year dinner we went to the Japanese restaurant (would you expect anything else from me?).
Those are my darling children -- Kate is dressed for the Pirates and Princess Party we went to later that night (the boys stayed at Epcot and went on thrill rides). We came home the next day, but it was one of those perfect moments in time -- being with grown children who are no longer full of teenage angst.

And then, glory be, I got a call from my editor on Wednesday. FIRE AND ICE (with my darling Reno) is just out, with a smallish print run (though thankfully bigger than the tragic print run for ICE STORM). To my complete joy and astonishment it's number 21 on the NYT list! Just when you think nothing but disaster lies ahead, the universe rewards you with a treat.

On top of that, spring has finally arrived, I have the best friends in the world, my knee's getting better, all my cats survived our week long vacation (with my mother housesitting but she's not a cat person). This really is a splendid time for me right now.

And just to make things even better, my friends Mort and Swiggs (Maggie Shayne and Susan Wiggs) are on the lists as well, our editor loves the newest incarntion of DOGS AND GODDESSES, my mother, who was teetering at death's door last year, is up and thriving (at almost 94). Life is incredibly good right now.

I think good times need to be fully noted and celebrated. Too often life is full of sorrow and shame and worry. Let's keep the good times going. Tell me some of your good news. We all need to share the good stuff.