I won!!! I got the RITA from the Romance Writers of America for Best Ro mantic Suspense (think Oscar for Best Supporting Actress) for ICE BLUE. Japanese-American assassin hero, Japanese setting, sex and violence and rock and roll. Hey, life is good!

So let me tell you how ICE BLUE got to win a RITA. I entered three books -- THE UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES with Eileen Dreyer and Jennifer Crusie, ICE STORM, the book of my heart, and ICE BLUE. When it came time to send my five copies in and I could find everything but ICE BLUE. So I went on-line with my friends and said I was just going to forget about ICE BLUE and eat the entry fee, and Pam Menz Baker, fabulous human being and dear friend, said "Hell, no," tossed her grandchildren (she'd been watching them) into her car and drove around Dayton, Ohio for two hours to find the five copies needed to send to RWA.
That's the kind of friend you make in RWA and in the romance writing business. Sisters.
So here's to you, Pam!
I was dressed elegantly in a black slinky knit with faux yakuza tattoos on my arms (I went to Nora Roberts's pre-awards reception and did my best to horrify everyone with my tats. Fortunately they all knew me too well).

And now I'm back, with RITA sitting beside me, crippled from bounding up onto the stage like a very happy person (what was I supposed to do, walk in a stately manner?). Richie, the magnificent DH is waiting on me hand and foot, I'm catching up with 5oo emails, and ready to go party again.

So here's a little poll -- which book did you prefer: ICE BLUE or ICE STORM. I loved them both, but ICE STORM maybe have had an edge since everyone was in it and they all worked so well.

Which one did you think should have won?