Home again

The life of the New York Times Bestseller (yes, we hit #29!) returns to normal. The mini-book tour is at an end, the Goddess Reunion is over (we spent our last night rolling on the floor over Big Trouble (the Dave Barry movie) and Tropic Thunder (we have no class but damn, it was brilliant).
We took off the next day after a delicious breakfast, I had a belated Valentine's Day dinner with my beloved Richie, and now I'm home, ready to ...
Sandwich generation again. But enough of whining. Here's what I learned:

FAMILY is what you make it. Sometimes family turns out to be a couple of fellow writers you're so attuned with that everything feels right when you're around them.
GLITTERING PRIZES come and go. Making the NYT extended is lovely, lovely, lovely. But what matters more is that the book works.
ANIMALS RULE. Jenny has three fabulous long-haired dachshunds -- Wolfie, Veronica and divine Milton. I have three fabulous cats -- Cello, Pooska and Phantom. They cuddle. They curl up on your chest. They bring the blood pressure down and give you a warm feeling in your heart.
BOOK TOURS are exhausting. You'd think "what's the big deal?" but really, they wear you out. Nothing is nicer than having a long line of people wanting us to sign books, but in the end you're wiped out and ready to make an absolute pig of yourself at Steak N Shake and then you have to sit up all night in a chair so you don't get a killer case of heartburn and ... but I digress. They're exhausting, but part of the job, and it's fabulous to meet readers. Plus there's the aforementioned Steak N Shake, which is divine in moderation.
AIR TRAVEL sucks. 'Nuff said.
And I'd do it all over again at the drop of a hat.
If you could choose your family, who would you pick? I'd pick Lani and Jenny and Richie and Lani's children, and I'd pick Vermont. They'd pick me but they'd pick Cincinati. To understand the absurdity of that choice, check this out:

Tell me about your chosen family.