Well, after a travel day from hell (cancelled flights, long delays, squeaking onto a plane after being on standby) I got to Jenny's. We had our traditional welcome home meal at IHOP, hugs and kisses when I got home, and then I curled up in the living room and wrote ten pages before I fell asleep. I've been up since a little after nine, writing like crazy, when a paddlewheel steamer just went by on the Ohio. The leaves are coming down like large brown snowflakes in a Vermont blizzard, and I think Lani washed the windows so I'd have an excellent view. It's lovely. Milton, Wolfie, Lyle and Mona just came to say hello (three dachshunds and a poodle) and I've done five pages already this morning.

I've got my diet coke and my whole grain goldfish and all is well.

Onward and upward.