Oh ... My ... God

I realize I've been wretched about posting, but I hate to natter on without a good reason. Now I've got a reason.

I just realized I have to write at least 335 pages between now and March 15. That's an average of twenty pages a day. Then, when I'm finished that I have to write a proposal and a ten thousand word novelette by March 31. And then I have to write a 75k book by June 1st or DIE.

Was I out of my mind when I agreed to this? It all seemed do-able. I'm in a white hot blaze to write -- I'd love an ivory tower with room service and occasional husband delivery when I'm feeling randy.

But unfortunately life gets in the way. Nevertheless, some things are really not negotiable.

I've just revised the first 165 pages of the historical. Tomorrow, if I'm really really lucky, I could push it to two hundred, half done, and I'd feel more like the Superwoman that I am.

Unfortunately my elderly MIL just died and we're having a family dinner (pray God I don't have to cook) tomorrow night, so all this work has to be done in the day and after we get home. So maybe I can't do it.

But I sure as hell can do my 20 pages.

I'll be giving updates. Maybe come up with punishments and rewards. Punishment if I don't make my 20 pages (like no internet for the day). I have to watch food rewards -- therein lies disaster.

Anyone have any good ideas? Maybe fine myself for off days and then use the money for treats?

But how would that work? If I work I wouldn't have any rewards, so it would encourage me not to work.

I'm so confused.

Who has some suggestions? Maybe I can sew for half an hour if I do my 20 pages? That would be good. And I could put a $5 in a bowl every day I do my work and accrue treat money that way.


OK, my engines are idling, ready for the first charge.