Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, I looked at my schedule on Wednesday night and burst into tears. It seemed so overwhelming, and I desperately want to get away to see my daughter and niece (who's a second daughter). But I have so much work it's ridiculous.
Yesterday I emailed my editor to see if there was anyway to rework things.
This morning I spent hours playing with calendars and schedules, and now have the next six weeks mapped out, with visits to my mother, due dates, amount I have to write each day, etc.
I'm not really left-brained. I'm all airy-fairy go-with-it. But as I get old and wiser I discover that a little organization is not a bad thing. I love my pages and pages of schedules. I can see that it's all very doable as long as I pay attention to where I am.

On top of that, I wrote another 15 pages, bringing me to 275. Hurray!!!