So I worked an insane amount, through the weekend, ending up with 57 pages on Sunday, which I think might be a personal best. But damn, it was a rough day.

For one thing, I didn't sleep the night before. Just a couple of hours, but I figured out what my problem was, so I could move on ahead. Got up around seven, worked, took a two hour nap, got up and worked for about four hours, took another two hour nap, then straight on through to the end, taking time off to see "Persuasion" (the Ciaran Hinds version -- I haven't seen that in years, but after having see "Miss Pettigrew" three times I decided I needed to see CH again. I like him better older).

So, anyway, 57 pages, finishing around 4 am. I'll figure out how many words that is later. I do use Courier New as a font, so that gives me maximum pages for my words. We shall see.

And I left out a pivotal love scene. Frankly, I was so tired I just couldn't get it up. It'll be lovely in the revisions -- I know what I need to have happen in there.

So I'm done -- a massive amount of hard work, making me wish I hadn't let so many people and things distract me from getting more done earlier. But it is what it is.

Now to whip it into shape.

My laser printer bit the dust and I hate printing 400+ page documents on an inkjet, so I took the mss. on a flash drive over to Staples and got it printed and bound so I can work on it.

Tomorrow I'll go to my friend's empty house, curl up in her recliner, and set to work.

Let's hope I can seduce it into shape.