I love music. Live for it. Music has directed so many choices in my life. It was music that made me live in NYC in the early '70s, going to the Fillmore East every weekend and lusting after rock stars while I played the guitar and wrote songs and was a corporate drone. I saw Creedence, the Band, Eric Clapton with Derek and the Dominoes, Cat Stevens in a tiny club, the Who endless times, Iggy and the Stooges in a nightclub, Elton John on his first tour. Rod Stewart with Jeff Beck countless times. The Kinks, Fairport Convention, Sam and Dave ... god, just everyone.

Music made me move to Vermont to start writing. I remember the moment -- I was sitting in Central Park, listening to the Band play "Rocking Chair" and it was so exquisitely beautiful that I understood that none of the music I'd been hearing at the Fillmore could ever equal it, and it was time to leave.

Gradually writing books took the place of writing songs, and god knows my Martin D-35 kills my fingertips when I try to play. And for the longest time I had no access to new music. Instead I immersed myself in my favorites -- Richard Thompson, who's pretty much the musical equivalent of a lot of my books, without the sex. J-rock added the sex in abundance, as well as its own inimitable style (check out Gackt, Hyde, Yoshiki).

And then I bought Thelma, my electric blue PT Cruiser, and it came with a satellite radio and a one year subscription. Oh, joy, oh rapture. I never thought I'd want one, because I loved the music I knew so well, but there's wonderful stuff out there. I drive around listening to my favorite Sirius stations (even though they dumped my favorite, Disorder). But the Loft and the Spectrum will do (needless to say I like a really wide variety of music) and I drive along in my car, scribbling new songs with my left hand, all without looking, then come home and hop on iTunes and buy a whole bunch. It's quite wonderful, listening to old-style DJs like Vin Scelsa and Meg Griffin (both of whom are a little bit younger than I am) and the music, old and new, they come up with.

I thought I'd share some of the stuff I particularly like. Some of this is brand new, some is very old, but it's my playlist for the new book. I let the music dance in my head while my fingers fly and life is good, and if it weren't for satellite radio I wouldn't know know half of these songs.

So I'm recommending music for what ails you, creatively or emotionally. And treat yourself to a satellite radio in your next car if you can afford it. You won't regret it.

Am I the only one still so passionately connected to music? I don't mind thinking I'm simply cooler than the majority of people my age, but I can't believe that the rest of the world doesn't love this stuff as much as I do. How do you get your music? Do you stick with the old stuff? Listen to your kids' music? Pick stuff up from tv soundtracks (another good source).

Vampire 6:00 Michael Smith Michael Smith Love Stories Folk
Building A Mystery 4:07 Sarah McLachlan Surfacing Rock
Angel 4:30 Sarah McLachlan Surfacing Rock
Do What You Have To Do 3:47 Sarah McLachlan Surfacing Rock
Hold On (Solo Piano) [Unplugged] 5:09 Sarah Mclachlan Unplugged And More Rock
Fallen 3:41 Sarah McLachlan
Truly Madly Deeply 4:38 Savage Garden Savage Garden Rock
Chasing Cars 4:28 Snow Patrol Eyes Open Alternative
Here's Where the Story Ends 3:55 The Sundays Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Alternative
If God Will Send His Angels 4:33 U2 City Of Angels Soundtrack
Wall Of Death 3:44 Richard Thompson & Linda Thompson Watching The Dark [Disc 1] Rock
An Angel Falls 4:57 Gabriel Yared City Of Angels Soundtrack
Spreading Wings 4:28 Gabriel Yared City Of Angels Soundtrack
Trial Of The Archangel 3:55 Immediate Music Trailerhead Instrumental
Angel Eyes 5:00 John Hiatt The Best Of John Hiatt Rock
Don't Feel Your Touch 4:50 Bruce Cockburn Big Circumstances Folk
Who Wants To Live Forever 3:56 Dune The Celtic Circle [Disc 2] World
Cut 4:02 Plumb Chaotic Resolve Christian & Gospel
Closer 6:27 Nine Inch Nails Closer To God Industrial
I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You 3:55 Tom Waits Closing Time Rock
Bleed to Love Her 3:27 Fleetwood Mac The Dance Rock
Desire 3:41 Ryan Adams Demolition Rock
Hard To Be 6:24 David Bazan Curse Your Branches Indie
Rain Come Down 4:05 Eastmountainsouth Eastmountainsouth Rock
Glitter In the Air 3:48 P!nk Funhouse (Deluxe Version) Pop
Morning Glory 2:49 Tim Buckley Goodbye And Hello Rock
Hat Full Of Stars 4:28 Cyndi Lauper A Hat Full Of Stars New Wave
How To Save A Life 4:24 The Fray How To Save A Life Rock
Down 4:05 Jason Walker Jason Walker Pop
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 4:38 U2 The Joshua Tree Rock
With Or Without you 4:56 U2 The Joshua Tree Rock
Learning to Fall 4:08 Lowen & Navarro Learning to Fall (With Phil Parlapiano) Rock
Whole Wide World 3:55 The Proclaimers Life With You Rock
Vampire 3:58 Claudia Schmidt Midwestern Heart Singer/Songwriter
The Ground Beneath Her Feet 3:45 U2 The Million Dollar Hotel Film Soundtrack
The Ghost In You 4:18 The Psychedelic Furs Mirror Moves Alternative
Hold On 5:32 Tom Waits Mule Variations Jazz
Scare Easy 4:35 Mudcrutch Mudcrutch (Bonus Track Version) Rock
Sober 3:48 Kelly Clarkson My December Pop
Need You Now 3:57 Lady Antebellum Need You Now Country
The Loner 3:54 Neil Young Neil Young
If I Could Have Her Tonight 2:22 Neil Young Neil Young
I've Been Waiting For You 2:35 Neil Young Neil Young
Here We Are In The Years 3:20 Neil Young Neil Young
I've Loved Her So Long 2:41 Neil Young Neil Young
Here's Where The Story Ends 3:53 The Sundays Now, Vol. 51 Rock/Pop
Silent wings 3:42 Secret Garden Once In a Red Moon New Age
Falling Slowly 4:50 Glen Hansard Once Soundtrack Alternative
Angel 6:37 George Winston Plains New Age
Fall at Your Feet 3:18 Crowded House Recurring Dream - The Very Best of Crowded House Rock
Hidden Track 3:32 The Wallflowers Red Letter Days Rock
Hey, Soul Sister 3:37 Train Save Me, San Francisco Alternative
Red Rain 5:35 Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree: 16 Golden Greats Rock
Shoot Out The Lights 5:24 Richard & Linda Thompson Shoot Out The Lights Rock
Wall Of Death 3:42 Richard & Linda Thompson Shoot Out The Lights Rock
Bleeding Love 4:23 Leona Lewis Spirit Pop
Songbird 3:44 Eva Cassidy Songbird Pop
Full Of Grace 3:41 Sarah McLachlan Surfacing Rock
She Sang Angels to Rest 3:26 Richard Thompson Sweet Warrior Rock
I Don't Want To Wait 5:19 Paula Cole This Fire Pop
Sway 4:21 Various Artists Veronica Mars Soundtrack General Soundtrack
When You're Falling (feat. Peter Gabriel) 5:14 Afro Celt Sound System Volume 3: Further In Time World

Even If It Breaks Your Heart 3:42 Will Hoge The Wreckage Rock

21 Guns (feat. Green Day & the Cast of American Idiot) [Live at the Grammy's] 4:37 Green Day

21 Guns (feat. Green Day & the Cast of American Idiot) [Live at the Grammy's] - Single Alternative
40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet) 4:13 Bob Schneider 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet) - Single Pop/Rock
U2 - All I Want Is You 6:30 U2
sayonara 5:43 Klaha