Michael on the Move

Ah, hot, sexy Michael! I’m having so much fun writing him I’m going to hate to give him up. He’s got a worthy heroine, though. Victoria Bellona, aka Tory, most recent incarnation of the ancient Roman goddess of War.  Michael needs a warrior woman in the fight against Uriel and his Army of Heaven.

Now who would have thought the Armies of Heaven would be the bad guys?  Nothing like turning things on their head just for entertainment value.

One thing I found out today as I wrote — Michael’s beauty makes Tory nervous. Edgy.  It’s not a comfortable thing.  His beauty is disturbing, arousing (though she won’t admit that).  She thinks she’d rather have someone who’s not quite so glorious.  Little does she know what’s in store for her.

Beautiful men make me nervous.  I mean, incredibly beautiful men.  I try to smile and my lips tremble.  My palms sweat.  And I’m someone who doesn’t get intimidated.

Anyone ever felt that way?  I think it’s different when I’m confronted by exquisitely beautiful women.  There’s not that tiny spark of sexuality between us (even if the woman is gay).  It’s certainly not as if I’m going to sleep with whatever gorgeous man happens across my path. But the man/woman thing, even if the beautiful man is thirty years younger than I am, still exists, deep in our psyches along with Joseph Campbell.

Hmmm.  I don’t know if I like the idea of that old man living somewhere in my inherited memories.  I don’t know if I like the idea of anyone lurking deep inside.  If I did, I think I’d prefer it to be a magnificent crone.

Which I am aspiring to be.