Brave New Word (Again)

So, some evil hacker decided to mess up my website, costing me a fortune and a great deal of frustration, and even though the Divine Mollie managed to move the site and get it up and running I still wasn't able to get into it.  Everything is very different and I'm rather driving blind with this whole thing, but hey, I'm easy.

I've been massively busy in the last few months.  I finished the first book of the Russell Sister series I'm writing for Montlake (Amazon's romance imprint) and it'll be out in August.  It's called NEVER KISS A RAKE, and it'll be out in print, in audio, and for Kindle and its various apps at the same time.  Heaven!

Plus, a while ago I wrote the first act of a book that was going to be a spin-off of the ICE books, but everyone told me a) if my publisher didn't want the ICE books then they wouldn't want a spin-off and b) it was too full of sex and violence.  But I loooved it!  So I put it aside, then went back to it, cut back on the violence, left every single bit of sex in it, revised it and gave it a happy ending, and now it's part of Available for Kindle, at Smashwords, diesel, Apple, and soon to be Kobo, Nook, and anybody else we can think of.  Crusie did the cover for me under protest, but I was in a hurry, and I think she did a fabulous job.  

I'll be playing with this revamped website but you'll need to bear with me.  I so think it's going to be fun.