40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS, Day One

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away … no, that's wrong.  40 years ago, in April, 1974, a cheeky new romance writer was first published.  Yes, it's been that long.  I started out writing when I was very, very young (hell, I'm still very, very young) but i figure reaching such a milestone is remarkable and needs to be celebrated.  So Jenny Crusie and I sat down over pancakes at Kathy's Diner and decided I should do 40 days of celebration for 40 years.  I forgot how much work that was going to be, but tant pis.  So here's the deal.  For the next forty days I'm going to have daily deals, freebies, prizes in honor of such overwhelming fabulousness, as I contemplate my history and the parallel history of the romance business.  First off, though, I'm going to have fun, because as those great Vermont philosophers, Ben and Jerry, say, "If it's not fun why do it?"

There are going to be free books at Amazon, cheap books at Amazon (I would have made each one free on their appointed day but Amazon only lets you put Amazon-only books for free and some of mine are available from other sources).  There'll be real Vermont Maple Syrup (because it's sugaring season.  It's also mud season but I won't send anyone any mud).  There'll even be a Kindle Paperwhite at some totally unexpected time.  There'll be physical books that are actually made of paper (ooooh, amazing!) and audio books and who knows what else might strike my fancy.  In fact, I'm decluttering -- maybe I'll send everyone some of my clutter.

No, that would be a punishment.  Anyway, every day till the end of April we'll have one day only  surprises.  Today it's SHADOW LOVER available at Amazon for 99 cents.  That's one of the ones I wanted to give away free but couldn't.  Anyway, SHADOW LOVER was my second historical, less known than my other two Avon books (TO LOVE A DARK LORD and A ROSE AT MIDNIGHT) but a lot of fun.  It might even have been a RITA finalist -- I need to check that out.  This one has the primary heroine masquerading as a boy and the supporting hero masquerading as a girl.  Which gets to be quite amusing when the sweet young thing he meets finds herself falling in love with (horrors!) another female.  

So enjoy yourself, and I'll be back tomorrow with another goodie and a bit of history.