Day Two

Way back when I started I had these little hardcover notebooks where I'd scratch out story ideas.  I have no idea where they are now (we're talking mid-seventies, and my house eats everything) but one of my earliest ideas was to write about a selkie.  I'm Scots-Danish (how's that for a combination?) so seal people always appealed to me.  You know, I never considered it but I'm willing to bet there are seal people in Denmark as well, given what a rocky, ocean-bound climate they have.

I wrote this for … oh, God, I don't even remember.  Ah, yes, Berkley, for an anthology called HIGHLAND FLING.  I used to get particularly entertaining rejection letters from them.  My agent would send them something, and they would reply with something like "yada yada yada this doesn't work" and then finish with "despite this my admiration for Anne Stuart is undimmed."  In other words, despite this execrable piece of crap you just handed us, I still think she's worthy.

Sometimes rejection letters are more fun than acceptance ones.  Mostly not.

Susan Wiggs once papered her bathroom wall with rejection letters.  I had an agent from the beginning (I'll tell you about that tomorrow) so I never saw rejection letters or even heard about them.  He wasn't a terribly good agent, but he sold a lot of books.  In fact, I've only had three in forty years.  Pretty good.

So here's your treat for the day:  UNDER AN ENCHANTMENT, $.99 for the Kindle version at Amazon.  Enjoy!