On Thin Ice

Oooops, I'm going way out of chronological order.  Maybe I'll do history starting April 1st and just do stories now.  In fact, I can do anything I want (chortle).

ON THIN ICE is the first book I'd written in over 35 years that I'd written for no publisher.  I wrote it because I couldn't stand not writing another ICE book, because I'd left Finn MacGowan stranded in the mountains of a fictional version of Colombia, because I had the perfect heroine for him.  But my publisher didn't want any more ICE books, despite the fact that the last one had reached #21 on the NYT extended list and the one before had won a RITA.  I think I simply made myself too big a pain in the ass.  Or my sales weren't good enough, but you'd think with the NYT that wouldn't be true.  Whatever.  It's history.

Sometimes a book has to be written, and I had to write this one.  I ended up publishing it through Amazon's program, and Tantor did the audio version with Xe Sands doing such a phenomenal job with the audio that it … well, you don't want to know what her version of Finn's Irish accent does to me.  Trust me, it's amazing.

The book had no editor.  In fact, it was one of those "dictated by God" books that didn't need an editor.  It did need a better copy editor - there are word repetitions that would make me cringe if Xe weren't so good at glossing them over.  But damn, I love this book, and there's nothing I'd like more than to simply write the books I want to write, like Emma and Brandon's story in the Rohan saga.

But most of all I want to write romantic suspense.  It's what I do, who I am.  I love historicals -- a perfect life is to alternate between historical romance and romantic suspense.  But who has a perfect life.

I was digging around my messy office, looking for my copies, and so far I can't find them.  If worse comes to worst I'll just send you Audible or Amazon versions.  But trust me, once you hear Xe you'll absolutely melt.  (you can listen to a sample at http://tinyurl.com/pw28kdo (Oh, and Audio Gals consider it one of the essentials in the area of romantic suspense).

Just leave a comment and I'll do a random generator for the lucky winners.