Fallen Angels

First, I need to announce the winners of the audio version of On Thin Ice.  They are: Leigh, Nancy and Willaful.  Please email me.  You have your choice -- audio download from Audible, a physical copy of the audio version if I can possibly find them in my messy office (wish I could figure out how to put pictures into this blog -- you'd understand) or if you don't like audio you can have the Kindle version.  Just email me with your particulars.

Which brings me to another point.  I belatedly realized people in the UK and Au/NZ can't get the deals.  I've asked the person in charge of setting prices if it can be expanded to those countries, but I would guess it all depends on Amazon's rules.  Fingers crossed.

And you Nook users!  A lot of these books (the ebook downloads) are Amazon exclusives (the ones that are free).  The ones that are cheap should be able to be put up for the Nook, depending on how difficult B&N is.  I'm having My Person look into that too.  We've got a whole month ahead of us, so with luck I'll be able to get these available more widely.

Okay, on to the tale of the Fallen Angels.  I've always loved fallen angels, even before Gram Parsons had a backup band called the Fallen Angels (don't feel bad if you don't know who Gram Parsons is -- there are those of us who were and are passionate about him and a great many more who never paid any attention).  Back in my songwriting days I even wrote a song about him.

"You look to me like a fallen angel, fallen so far to the ground, I know you think I'm following you, I'll always be around."

Okay, admittedly not great, though I liked the first line.  Second verse was better:

"I see your wings on fire, see your body burned to dust …"

Can't remember the rest of it, though I remember the melody, which was rather dirge-ish.  I wrote better songs than that but I always liked that one (and the vampire song I wrote.  This was ca. 1971).

Anyway, after years of saying "let me write vampires" and being told vampires were so over, my agent finally said "how about writing a vampire book?"  And I said yippee and came up with the totally original idea of combining vampires with fallen angels.  That was sarcastic, BTW.  I thought I was being unique in my vision, but clearly everyone else was thinking the same thing at the same time.  Still and all, they're good books.

I probably ended up picking the wrong publisher.  I had my choice of two, and I took the lower offer because I learned that upfront money is not the way to judge an offer.  They wanted me to change my name.  Okay.  I never took a pseudonym in my life (my name is Anne Kristine Stuart and I married Richie Ohlrogge, whose birthday it is, and therefore I write as Anne Stuart but am known as Krissie Ohlrogge).  So, okay, pseudonym.  I don't like "Kristine" - it reminds me of mean girls in school who'd say "oh, Kristine" when I was being over the top, as I often was, so I went with Kristina.  And I chose Douglas after my father and brother, both of whom died from the effects of alcoholism (I have a tragic family history).

I learned something brilliant from the editor (I won't tell you what because it'll stick out every time you read a book of mine) but in general she didn't really "get" me.  And I was in the stage of being a good soldier rather than a diva, so I did as I was told.  I cut back the necessary snark in the books and cut out love scenes and basically wrote as best I could feeling slightly restricted.  As I said, I'm still really happy with the books -- I wouldn't have let them go if I wasn't.  But sometimes I think about how the series could have gone if I'd followed my original vision ...

Anyway, of course they stopped the series in the middle, as sales everywhere were tanking, so we left Lucifer in some sort of Limbo, trying to get out and join the other Fallen to fight the Archangel Uriel, who's currently taken the place of God, who gave people free will and then took a long vacation, leaving Uriel in charge, and he's baaad.  (Uriel, not God.  I blame Uriel for all the smiting and such.)

Eventually I've got to write a book on my own to tie up the loose ends, get Lucifer out of whatever Limbo he's in (uh, Lucifer's a hero) and I'm planning to give him a nun as a heroine.  (Chortle).  I'm just born bad.

Right around Christmas last year our minister said "what do you think of when you think of angels?"  His point was they weren't little cherubs with arrows.  But I sat in my pew and silently smirked.  My Gabriel was a lot different than the one who came to Mary.  Or did he come to Elizabeth, John the Baptist's mother?  Whatever.

So, your choice, the first two of the series in physical form or in audio form.  There'll be three winners, but don't worry -- I don't have that many comments so your odds are good.

And some day Lucifer will escape and make everything right again.  I don't know if God's going to come back from vacation and take over again, feeling slightly chagrined at putting the wrong archangel in charge.  But damn, it's fun writing books where you can play with anything you want.