Day 7, In Which I Redeem Myself

So here we are at Day 7, and we've got the final book of the Maggie Bennett series, free at Amazon and as close to free as allowed in Australia,NZ and the UK.  Or so Sharon tells me - if there's a problem let me know.  This is an Amazon exclusive so it can't be discounted or free at B&N, but we'll work on the ones that aren't part of the Amazon deal.  Find it at

By now your heartbreak over Mac's (or was it Mack?) death should be assuaged and you should be fascinated by Randall. By this time the publishing experiment (Jayne Ann Krentz had done one of the three series) was deemed a failure and I think this book sold approximately 5,000 copies, which is pitiful.  

That was what some other authors might consider a mistake.  I took a 25% cut, there would be no future royalties so in fact I took more like a (where's the calculator on this computer?).  Ooops, even the calculator couldn't do it -- I had to call in the Math Guy, my darling husband.  Given a very conservative estimate on what I was eventually making at the time, I took a 75% cut.  The books never found an audience and the last one didn't even make it into most stores.  And yet I don't regret it.

It was an experiment, a challenge, a treat to do something different.  Which is funny, because one of the only mistakes I do regret, deeply, was taking too much money for the same results (the book getting dumped on the marketplace and lost to readers).  Does that say something about my attitude towards money?  I'll tell you that sad story soon.

So I went back to Harlequin (well, I was still writing for them even as I was taking time to do the Maggie Bennetts for Dell) and continued writing.  I think all this wasn't long after I got my first computer, an adorable creature called a Kay-Pro, with two floppy drives and no hard drive at all.  The learning curve was steep, but I had my computer-whiz (already!) brother to guide me through.

I think tomorrow I'll tell you all the mistakes I've made in my career.  Actually it might take two days to list them.  Some I regret (particularly when it hurt other people) and some I don't.  But that's for tomorrow.

Oh, and I'll list the winners of the Fallen audios tomorrow as well.

Feel free to ask any questions.  I've got to get this blog fixed so I don't have to approve every comment.  I didn't even know I was getting comments for the longest time.  (I'm absolutely brilliant and absolutely brainless at the same time, an amazing feat).