Day 22, When I talk about snafus

So the treat for today is my beloved LADY FORTUNE for almost half price.  It's usually discounted to $5.79, and for today and tomorrow it's supposed to be $2.99.  Unfortunately when I went to capture the abbreviated URL it was still at the same high price.  I've emailed my editor about it and since she's gloriously efficient I know she'll look into it and fix it ASAP, so in the meantime I'll simply remind you that SHADOW LOVER,, twisted (only in terms of plot) little charmer, is on sale for the month at Amazon for $1.99.  (I think I might have said $2.99 earlier -- with all these various discounts and deals I can get confused).

At least I can announce the winners of THE UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES:  Katie.redhead, J (again, and I don't know if I ever got your address for the last win), Leah S, Susanne, Maura, and Lee.F   Send me your snail mail addresses and I'll get the books off to you (and I'll bring them down to NJ & get Crusie to sign them too, so look for them in about 10 days).

The best-laid plans, etc. , the best intentions.  In fact, that's one of the hardest things about writing for a living, about doing anything in the arts for a living.  You never know what's coming. I read somewhere that all artists are a little bit bipolar - you can go from a soaring high on Wednesday from having written the Best. Scene. Ever. and then on Thursday be tossed into the pit of despair with a rejection.  What you do is bounce back -- the highs and lows can't last more than a day (preferably only part of a day) or you'd never get any writing done.  (The highs can be just as obstructive).  I have this maxim that whenever you desperately need money it doesn't come.  The royalty checks are always ridiculously small, the sale doesn't come, the foreign rights go nowhere.  It's only when you don't need it that it shows up.

I went through a couple of years where checks just kept coming, and I'd wiggle my hands at Richie and say "magic fingers."  Now a $99.00 check gets me excited.  There's no way to budget if you have no idea if you'll make $40,000 or $100,000 in one year, and no way to properly give the Evil Empire (the IRS) its estimated due, leaving you screwed, as always, when the last extension runs out and you have to face the music.

There are the self-made snafus, in which I open my big mouth, but I've already told you about those.  There are so many publisher snafus I can't count them.  It's not their fault -- they want to sell your book as much as you do, but they can choose lousy covers, lousy timing, pick the wrong synopsis.  The only problem with that is publishers seldom admit to mistakes.

And then there's just sheer bad luck.  Romances tank in times of grieving (though personally I'd grab a favorite romance and go to bed when things are bad).  Anyone who had a book come out around the time Princess Diana died was screwed.  Same with 9/11.  Granted, 9/11 is more important than one month's book sales, but we're talking about your baby here.  Back then there was only one way to make a first impression.

Now there are others with the wonders of Indie publishing and ebooks, throwing both reliability and confusion into the mix.  Just waiting for more snafus

Anyway, keep checking on LADY FORTUNE to see if the price has dropped -- it's worth the effort (and Amazon is always so tempting, anyway).  Ah, and go out and grab FOOL ME TWICE by Meredith Duran, a phenomenal historical writer.  The funny thing is, this book has the same set-up as NEVER KISS A RAKE, but she goes in an entirely different direction and it's unbelievably wonderful.  In fact, she's never written a dud.

Tomorrow I'll be reporting in from Jenny Crusie's enchanted cottage, and maybe she'll have some incredible wisdom to impart.  Most likely we'll talk about tv and crocheting, but I'll pass along anything good she has to say.