Day 30, in which I catch up

Okay, time to announce winners, make a clarification, and tell you about new goodies.

First, the winners:  For BLACK ICE (e-version or physical) we have five winners.  I'll need your email for e-book delivery or snail mail for physical book (assuming I can find copies).

The winners are:  Belinda, AJ, Vaida, Mickey M and R Whitmor.

Next the clarification.  For seem reason I thought I'd listed the Rohan books, but it was the Russell books, to be delivered when NEVER MARRY A VISCOUNT is published.  Those go to:

Sally W., Grace, Katie.Redhead, Joni Schwichtenberg,, D. Kat, Kissyfur, Julianna, Donna Repsher, Lorna, and Lisa Tollefson.

Damn, did I love reading about beloved old books, some I'd forgotten about completely.  It was like catching up with old friends.

Oh, and my gorgeous purple desk came from Amazon (I live in the boonies -- most things come from Amazon, the 21st century's version of the Sears Catalogue.  They have everything!)

So, for today, we have DOGS AND GODDESSES, 5 physical signed copies.  Well, actually we have Jenny and me since I was just down there, and I can send Lani some labels if you'd like her autograph as well.  I'll do the random generator thing to pick winners.

On top of that, for the entire weekend, Tantor Media is holding a sale on audiobook downloads for only $6.99, with the first three Rohan books plus Fire and Ice available today and tomorrow.  Here are a bunch of links:

Well, that took up a lot of space.  Nevertheless, it works.  I have a passion for audiobooks, and Tantor has some of the best sales.  They also have a lot of Keri Arthur on sale, as well as others, and they're always worth checking out if you're as addicted to audio as I am.

Okay, all caught up.  (Well, I have lots of stuff to send out, including The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, which turned out to have everyone's autograph in them) and I have to clean and figure out what I'm cooking for Easter, but apart from that ...

Which reminds me -- juggling being a wife and mother with being a writer is a major pain.  In fact, it's even worse than that.  Because of my childhood, I took on the role of fixer, of mother to everyone, and I feel responsible for the world.  I wade in and save everyone (including my children, which was my main mistake in raising them), friends, family.  I've taken on the weight of the world, which is ridiculous (in the spirit of Easter I'll tell you my therapist said early on that I wasn't Jesus.  I didn't need to martyr myself).

Fortunately I wrote the first book before I met my husband, sold it before we got married, and had 9 years of marriage (writing steadily) before we had children.  So when they arrived I was in the middle of contracts.  The first six months I had my brother come in, then I found Lorelei who took good care of them until Richie's factory closed and we decided it made more sense for him to be a house husband.  But I still did a lot of the household stuff -- fortunately I'm a very lax housekeeper.  

Even though it was my job, my vocation, my calling, it was far too easy to push it aside if someone else needed me.  After all, I made my own hours -- I could rearrange them to suit.  And therein lay the trouble.  I would procrastinate like crazy, until my back was against the wall and I would run out of extensions (or I needed the money I got for turning the book in) and I'd pack up my laptop, go to a motel and finish the book in a white heat.  It tends to be the way I write anyway, since the very first book.   Everything's building up to an explosive climax and I just can't stop writing until it's done.

But I had to wait till my own crisis time before I felt comfortable claiming that time for myself.  It was a very unhealthy way to live, until I realized what I was doing, and I'm much better now.  It does help that the children are grown but now I have a tendency to say yes to having my grandson over when I should be working.  But I'm also better at saying no when I really need to work.  So I guess it's never too late to learn.  I deserve the time, the writing deserves the time.

In fact, writing is a lifelong guessing game.  Every time you think you have it figured out the Girls in the Basement throw you a curve ball, and you have to reinvent your process all over again.  I no longer get frustrated by it, or try to force the new reality into the old one.  Life is change, writing is life, writing is change.  At least for me.

Hmmm.  I'm picking winners from the comments (which will show up eventually) so I'd better come up with a question you'd be interested in answering and I'd be interested in reading.

Who do you think is incredibly hot?  (Standard edition, like Somerhalder).  And what rather plain person do you find irresistible (for me it's Christopher Eccleston as Dr. Who).

Let the games begin.