Da 31, In Which I Find I have Screwed Up

First off, Happy Easter and happy 4/20, for both if you're exceptionally broad-minded.  Back in the good old days I would have celebrated both.  Or maybe not.  I remember thirty or more years ago we went to a friend's house for Thanksgiving and the special treat was coke.  Not the cola.  I was kind of appalled, though I politely refused and didn't express my reaction.  I hope.  I try not to be rude, but I do tend to be outspoken.

But I digress.  I forgot to send yesterday's tweet into the twitterverse, so the drawing for the Rohan ... oh, shit, did I screw up again?  Phew, no, I didn't.  The drawing for DOGS AND GODDESSES is on for another day.  Just leave a comment telling me what a twit I am and I'll combine yesterday's and today's and pick 5.

And apparently RITUAL SINS, MOONRISE, HIGH SHERIFF OF HUNTINGDON and UNDER AN ENCHANTMENT are still listed at $.99 each (that'll change tomorrow), plus there's SHADOW LOVER at Amazon for $1.99, and all those lovely audios I listed yesterday.  So we'll go with those while I work on something bizarre and special for tomorrow.

I'm spending so much time on this celebration that I'm not getting time to write, and it's making me sort of batty.  Tomorrow I will write.  In fact, after the family leaves this evening I will get my posts and FB's and tweets in order so I can just upload them and then start work on the new book.  It's calling to me with a siren sweetness.  I used to say that I hated the act of writing, I only loved having written.  But that's not really true.  I love the act of telling stories as well.  I don't like the pressure and the deadlines and the worry, but I would write without all those outside stressors.  When I'm depressed (it happens to the best of us and to me a little more than usual due to genetics) the one thing that feels happy and safe is disappearing into a story, either my own or someone else's.  I'm hard-wired that way.  I came from a family of readers and I always read, though I went through a period when I couldn't.  Everything seemed so clunky to me, except the very finest books, and I just stopped.

And then I discovered the joy of audiobooks, and a thousand new writers.  But that's for another day.  Happy Easter, enjoy your lamb or ham or cannabis, and happy spring!