Day 32, In Which I Talk About the Divine Reno and the Divine Xe Sands

32 Days of Ravishing Reticence (oh, yes, I'm reticent!)  If no one recognizes the quote, I was in The Music Man last summer and my big speech was "I'm reticent, oh, yes, I'm reticent!"  I made an excellent Eulalie).

But I digress.  Ah, Reno.  He first showed up in ICE BLUE, then in ICE STORM, and finally got his own book in FIRE AND ICE.  Reno is a very bad boy.  Grandson of a Yakuza boss, cousin of a Committee member, he's full of attitude.  He took his name and his look from a minor character in a video game, I said in one of the books.  And that's where I got my inspiration.

He doesn't come from just a video game.  He comes from the Final Fantasy franchise - FFVII to be exact.  He looks sort of pixilated in that, but then he shows up in the incomprehensible but very beautiful movie, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, still a bit part, and I was in love.  Here's what he looks like.

Delicious, isn't he?  And full of snark.  It's little wonder my darling took on his persona, just to irritate everyone, particularly his grandfather.  He even has a poster of the video game in his crowded apartment in Tokyo, in case anyone missed the point.

And then Xe Sands recorded the audio version, and Oh. My. God.  She's got the most amazing voice, and she did a fantabulous job on this one.  When he appeared in the earlier versions the narrators made him sound like a young Charlie Chan (shudder).  Xe got him just right.

So the treat for today (and there's only one) is a fully posable figure of Reno (I've got one of my own, along with my Sheriff of Nottingham and Snape figures, though Reno's a lot bigger) for inspiration.  Here's a glance at him:

Plus you get Xe Sands's glorious audio version as well.  US and Canada only, since he'll be trouble to ship (Reno's always trouble).  Just tell me your favorite tv shows when you were growing up (my list is too long).

Tomorrow I'll catch up on winners from the past, there'll be a goodie on the internet, and maybe I'll tell you something shocking.  Naaah, I can't shock you guys any more.

I just wish they had a Jilly figure so I could put them both into wicked positions.