Winners, Missing and New Ones

Okay, first the winner of gorgeous Reno and the audio of Fire and Ice is Louise Marley.

Winners of Dogs and Goddesses are:  Rose Bautista, Stacy Harper-Watson, Heather, BN 100, and Tricia Halliday.

Send me your snail mail addresses and I'll get these goodies off to you.

Now, I'm missing three Black Ice winners (and they'll get instant gratification):  AJ, Belinda and Vaida.

I'm missing a bunch of House of Rohan winners.  I know it's delayed gratification but think what a treat it will be when the books arrive near the end of summer.  Perfect for when the kid lets go back to school or you go on an extended vacation.

I need to hear from:  

Sally W., Katie.Redhead, Kissyfur, Juliana. Donna Repsher and Lorna.

More tomorrow, plus a new deal for all formats.