Back Again

All right, I'm covered in shame.  I still haven't gotten the stuff out for England, Australia and Canada.  I will do it today -- I promise.  They're packed up and addressed -- they just threw me when I needed to fill out custom slips and there was a line behind me.  I know, I'm impossibly wicked.

But the good news is today's Kindle Daily Deal in Romance is NEVER KISS A RAKE and NEVER TRUST A PIRATE!  Only $1.99 each.  Now most of you know about those books but it's lovely of Amazon to put them on sale and if you know anyone else who's interested pass it along.

I wanted to talk about Soundtracks.  I listen to one of two things when I write.  Either a DVD/audiotape/mp3 of something called HIGH FOCUS by Brain Sync (you can find it at Amazon) which basically sounds like white noise whoosh-whoosh but taps into gamma and delta and beta waves and all that sort of stuff.  None of which I understand or am interested in, I only know it works.

But I also listen to soundtracks.  One of the first I ever did was for AGAINST THE WIND, which obviously had Bob Seger's song, plus Lovers in a Dangerous Time by Bruce Cockburn (which probably fits every book) and some Stevie Nicks and others.  Back then you made mix tapes, and I'd sit and work on them.  My best mix tape was when I was going through infertility treatment, which trust me, is rough, and I had to drive 65 miles each way to the doctor.  I usually listened to doleful Celtic music and wept, so I decided to make a happy tape, starting with "Wouldn't it be Nice" by the Beach Boys and lots of other cheery stuff.  It kept me relatively sane during those seven years.  (Yup, seven years of treatment and trying, and then Kaim came arrived and two years later Tim.  God bless adoption).

But I digress.  So I'm working on a new book and this time it's soundtrack time.  And I've got a long one, ever growing.  Just for today, I'll give you the current list, and then in a few days time I'm going to break it down into moods and acts.  When in doubt I usually just put Richard Thompson on and he gets me in the right attitude.

Here's the current list:

Let Him Fly            3:08  Dixie Chicks                       

Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime            5:52            Beck           

Harder Now That It's Over            4:33            Ryan Adams           

High and Dry            4:13            Radiohead                                               

Keep Your Distance            4:12            Richard Thompson           

Not Pretty Enough            3:20            Kasey Chambers                       

A Sense Of Wonder            7:11            Van Morrison                       

When I Get To The Border            3:28            Richard & Linda Thompson                       

Shelter from the Storm            5:02            Bob Dylan                                   

I Can't Make You Love Me            5:48            Bonnie Raitt           

21 Guns (feat. Green Day & the Cast of American Idiot)

Love Interruption            2:38            Jack White           

I'm Shakin'            3:00            Jack White           

You Can Close Your Eyes            2:30            James Taylor           

One Woman Army            3:56            Kate Earl            

Everything's On Fire            2:02            The Kennedys           

Hungry Heart            3:18            Lucy Wainwright Roche           

She Will Be Loved            4:17            Maroon 5           

Birds            2:33            Neil Young           

Let Her Go            4:13            Passenger           

Trouble            4:02            Ray LaMontagne           

Against The Wind            5:34            Bob Seger           

Tougher Than the Rest            4:34            Bruce Springsteen           

let the river run            3:42            carly simon                                               

I Will Possess Your Heart            8:36            Death Cab for Cutie           

Not Ready To Make Nice            3:58            Dixie Chicks            Taking The Long Way           

Your Protector            4:10            Fleet Foxes           

Follow you down            4:30            Gin Blossoms           

The distance            4:46            Jan and evan or whatever                                               

Take Me Walking In the Rain            5:51            Janis Ian           

Don't Give Up            5:55            Peter Gabriel           

Thin Line Between Love & Hate            3:40            The Pretenders                                   

Wall Of Death            3:42            Richard & Linda Thompson           

Gimme Shelter            4:33            Rolling Stones           

Paint It Black            3:46            Rolling Stones           

For Shame Of Doing Wrong            4:30            Richard & Linda Thompson           

Chasing Cars            4:28            Snow Patrol           

I Bid You Goodnight            4:02            Aaron Neville           

Thin Line Between Love And Hate            4:55            Annie Lennox                                   

Things Have Changed            5:09            Bob Dylan           

Accidentally Like A Martyr            3:44            Warren Zevon           

Silent Running  Mike And The Mechanics            6:14                                                           

Don't Feel Your Touch            4:50            Bruce Cockburn           

Lovers In A Dangerous Time            4:07            Bruce Cockburn           

Hat Full Of Stars            4:28            Cyndi Lauper           

Running Up That Hill              5:00            Kate Bush           

The Loner            3:54            Neil Young                                               

Return To Me            4:18            October Project           

Games Without Frontiers            3:58            Peter Gabriel            Shaking

The Ghost In You            4:18            The Psychedelic Furs           

When The Spell Is Broken [Live]            6:56            Richard Thompson           

Rick Astley - Cry For Help            4:53                                                           

Seven Devils            5:03            Florence + The Machine           

Shake It Out            4:38            Florence + The Machine           

Fix You            4:55            Coldplay           

Arrow            4:21            Cheryl Wheeler           

Silver Springs (Advanced Resolution Stereo Version)            4:46            Fleetwood Mac           

It Makes No Difference (2001 Digital Remaster)            6:32            the band           

These Days            4:45            Jackson Browne           

Here Come Those Tears Again            3:33            Jackson Browne           

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)            3:42            Kelly Clarkson           

Sober            3:48            Kelly Clarkson           

Radioactive            3:07            Imagine Dragons           

Hard Love            4:37            Claudia Schmidt            Out of the Dark           

Windows Are Rolled Down            3:57            Amos Lee           

Safe & Sound (The Voice Performance)            3:08            Savannah Berry           

Jack White - Love Is Blindness            3:18           

Never Let Me Go            4:31            Florence + The Machine           

The Chain            4:29            Fleetwood Mac           

Need You Now            3:57            Lady Antebellum

Better Be Good To Me (1997 Digital Remaster)            5:12            Tina Turner

Mated            4:00            Utopia            Anthology: 1974-1985            Rock                       

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore            3:04            The Walker Brothers           

The Whole of the Moon            5:00            The Waterboys           

Even If It Breaks Your Heart            3:42            Will Hoge           

Come Back And Stay            4:24            Paul Young           

Everytime You Go Away            4:29            Paul Young           

Try            4:08            Pink           

Fearless Heart            4:07            Steve Earle           

Bleeding Love            4:23            Leona Lewis           

Turn Your Pretty Name Around            4:49            Mark Olson & Gary Louris           

Whole Wide World            3:55            The Proclaimers          

Shoot Out The Lights            5:24            Richard & Linda Thompson