In Which I Am NOT Professional

Well, you know, life is busy.  And I get distracted.  I managed to write a fabulous book this summer (mainly because I loved it so much - if it had been less of a treasure I would now be facing a two month delay in turning it in, instead of 2 weeks.  But the summer has been full of stress and joy, with the grown children (my eldest recently referred to herself as "one of the two great evils you have unleashed upon the world" -- that's my kid!) going through various crises, spending half a lifetime in a play (I played the evil Mrs. Mullin in "Carousel" as well as a gimpy townsperson because they needed my voice).  I lost 15 pounds by accident, since I was so busy.

But finally most everything was done, and we had a final hot day, and I decided to spend a couple of hours floating around in the pool listening to the latest Ilona Andrews.  Uh, except that sometime this week I had a conference phone call with Amazon about launch plans for NEVER MARRY A VISCOUNT.  I thought of it yesterday morning, thinking it might be that day, and while I was checking my email my eldest spawn (another favorite term of hers) called, and then I had to see my new therapist, and I forgot to check.  So there I was, floating happily in our big, blow up pool, when suddenly I remembered that I forgot to check.  I leapt out of the pool -- it was a little after four -- and raced to the phone.  A message had been left, and I was just trying to listen to it when the phone rang again, and Caller ID said Amazon.

So I picked up the phone and greeted everyone with "Oh, shit."

Stripped off my bathing suit while talking to them and had Richie the Saintly wrap me in a towel, which I then informed those in NY and Seattle what I was or was not wearing.  I will simply not behave like a grown up.

That's one reason I don't drink (or not much).  I'm pretty outrageous to being with -- I don't set out to be, but I say what comes into my mind without a whole lot of filters, because filters are boring.  I'm the kind of person who throws herself into everything -- and I don't hold back (fortunately I don't have much of a temper and that's one of the few things I do hold back on).

As the late, great Robin Williams said, "if they can't take a 'fuck,' joke them."  He probably also said "I yam what I yam" since he played Popeye but I never saw the movie.  

Fortunately Amazon found me amusing and my agent is used to me by now - she probably rolls her eyes because I have gotten into big trouble simply making observations, and she's had to do damage control.  But you know, it's a lot more fun to simply say "oh, shit" when you've done a dumb ass thing like miss an important, pre-arranged phone-call.

Today I dive into the revisions of The Book With No Name, since I'm turning it in on Tuesday.  While I chase my almost 7 year old grandson around.  I'm hoping we can play in the pool too -- yesterday was probably our last hot day but it might get close to 80 before the storms come in.

At least things are calming down on the home front.  Now I just have to revise this sucker!