Pub Day!

Today's the day!  NEVER MARRY A VISCOUNT is on sale, and it's an especially good one, at least as far as I'm concerned.  Oh, and as far as Publishers Weekly and RT and individual reviewers are concerned.  It has comic misunderstandings, sexy times, the other sisters and their spouses make an appearance, and ends with a remarkable wedding.  What more could you ask? 

Let's hope this link will work: 

We'll hope that worked -- it turned blue, at least.  (Though isn't that like a pregnancy test?)

Hmmm.  How do I add photos to this?  Let's see what I can do.  

That worked too!  I'm on a roll!

That worked too!  I'm on a roll!

Now I have to admit I've been fussing a little bit, as review after review have said "this is the first time I've read Anne Stuart but I'll definitely read more."  When I do guest blogs and chats and stuff it's like the last forty years never existed, that books I cherished never existed.  And I brood over what I or my publishers have done wrong over the years.

And then, duh, I finally realized why.  It's a new world and several new generations.  First off, I don't need to worry about books that I wrote that are forgotten -- nothing is forgotten.  They get a new life, either thanks to me or Belle Books or Harlequin or whomever holds the rights, and I have to have faith that the right book will find the right reader.

But more importantly, these readers who have never read me, never heard of me, are probably relatively new readers.  People who grew up on Nora Roberts and Julia Quinn, who grew up on paranormals and women's fiction.  And they've been avidly reading writers who manage a great deal of output, as I did back in the day.  There's no reason for me to feel hurt or that I've wasted my life (one thought that went through my self-indulgent brain when I was busy mourning too many recent losses, including the death of my beloved cat, Phantom, and the imminent move of my grandchildren to the DC area, more than 500 miles away).  

Instead I need to view it as a delightful challenge.  New, happy readers are a gift from the gods, and I celebrate every one of them!

I'm still mourning (Phantom was only six years old, hit by a car when he was out hunting, and the grandchildren are still moving) but I also have a new Ice book to revise and it's so good I can barely stand it.  I sit here in my office and squee with delight as I read certain scenes.  It's wonderful when you love your job.

And so many other good things to work on.  Mollie is sending out my first ever newsletter, so if you haven't signed up you might do so, just to see how hard I'm working.

In the meantime, if you haven't read Anne Stuart, give her a try.  She's worth it.