You know, that's one of my favorite lines.  Oh, Brave new world that has such people in't.  Or something like that.  I don't want you to think I'm that good with Shakespeare that my quotes are perfect.  I remember starting out a talk at RWA with ... er, I don't remember.  But I attributed it to TS Eliot instead of Thoreau, put on tape for all to hear.  It's just good I don't have a strong sense of embarrassment or shame.  Everyone fucks up.  (Yes, you will hear the F bomb here).  

I decided running two blogs at a time made things a little crazy, so I'm going to spend my time here.  After all, this is me, warts and all.  (I don't actually have any warts, btw).  My only problem is to figure out how to make the comments show up immediately, so we can get real conversations going, build a community.  But one thing at a time.

I'm just climbing out of the deep pit of really bad depression, something I deal with occasionally.  Maybe every seven or so years, if that -- it's my third since I was a crazy-ass teenager, and believe me, it's been long time since I've been a teenager.  So you can watch me flail around and reacquaint myself with life while trying to get the new book done (and I haven't done more than vague brainstorming).

But just to start things off,  Hi, I'm Krissie (Anne Kristine Stuart) and I've been in this business so long I know way too much.  I've lived life so long I haven't learned enough, but I'm on a journey and anyone who wants to come along with me is welcome.  

Today is a time to relax, start revving your motor, clear your space to work, be ready to live again.  Why do I say you when I mean me?  Well, maybe I'm not that far off -- maybe you need to restart your life too.

So off to make hoppin' john and eat bagels (round for coins) and salad (green for money) and all those things for a prosperous new year, including eating soba noodles in broth without breaking them (slurping encouraged).  Interesting how all the rituals involve food.

Maybe for my mental health I'll write down the things from last year that I want to let go of and then burn them (it's cold and we have our wood stove kicking out the heat).

I'm in pain, but maybe I'll put on a song and do a private little dance.  Just to prove that I can still find immense joy in this world.

Anyone got other rituals?  No, that's not one of those stupid questions to make people think their opinions matter but really to get more traffic.  I really want to know, because I really need the upcoming year to be glorious.

And I'll make one promise (I'll make more than one, but this is my first).  I will never, ever ask you some stupid question just to make it seem like I have web traffic.

That doesn't mean I won't ask silly questions, like what your favorite bad Nicolas Cage movie is (mine is Gone in 60 Seconds).  Because I like to talk to people, I like to hear what they think.  And I'll answer any question (240 pounds right now but aiming for 175).  

So happy new year, happy life, let's become even more glorious than we already were, have a splendid year, survive disaster, watch great movies, write great books (or at least read them) and take advantage of life.

Because it's a banquet, available to everyone, and most poor suckers are starving to death.

Our task for this year:  LIVE!