Today I Work

It would amaze you how many days I don't write.  Well, the key word is write.  I'm working all the time.  Everything I see, hear, taste and smell inspires me - and in the back of my brain I tend to have ideas percolating like some rich primordial stew ...

WAIT A MINUTE!  I just saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and the hysterically funny, self-congratulatory writer seems to be creeping into my vocabulary.  Of course, like all the other characters in the movie, there's more to him than that -- just witness his early interaction with his (presumed) grandson.  But it's easy to take oneself too seriously.  Fact is, I like stories.  I've used them all my life to survive, and when I reach the utter depths a familiar story can make things better.

Problem is, my body's falling apart.  The carpal tunnel seems to have gone insane, my right rotator cuff decided Christmas was a great time to render my right arm practically useless, and the back of my neck hurts.  Some of that is the temperature -- it's below zero.  Some of that is the depression I'm coming out of.  Out of which I'm coming?  Whatever.  Some of it is there normal decay of time.  Decay?  Moi?

But I'll soldier on.  I did a little bit of creating with Dragon Dictate.  I usually use it for writing long-hand and then dictating it into the machine -- I've never tried actually writing that way.  I think it's time to learn.  I'm going to need a release done on my carpal tunnel and the sooner the better, but I've got deadlines that have been ignored too long.  I'm not in trouble yet, but I have to keep at it.

So pray for me, folks.  I'm going in.  Enemy flak (whatever that is) all around, and unlike in the movies I'm not bullet-proof.

So for the beginning of 2015 I'm going to write.  And write.  And write.

What's on your agenda?