Podcast is the most miserable word.  I realize it comes from iPod and broadcast, but for the life of me I can never remember it.  I've listened to a few over the years -- Jenny Crusie and Lani Diane Rich did a series on movies called the Popcorn Dialogues, which were fascinating even if I ended up disagreeing with one or the other or both.  And of course the phenomenal success of Serial has taken everyone by surprise.  Podcasts can be anything -- I wonder if there are erotic podcasts.  Probably.  There are erotic everythings.

I've only done podcasts a couple of times, mostly with the help of my good friend Lani Diane Rich aka Lucy March.  She's brilliant with technology, having worked in television for a good number of years and taught it at the college level.  She used to have a great one called Will Write For Wine, where she and a friend talked about writing while they tippled, and much hilarity ensued.  

Nowadays she and her adorable Scottish husband Alastair, who is a Stuart and therefore my vassal (he's accepted his duties) are doing a number of great podcasts.  One, which is perfect for them, is called The Scot and the Sassenach, about Outlander, a subject they're very well suited for, though with Alastair living here he's really the Outlander.  He even comes from Inverness, the town where Outlander begins.  They're also doing DUSTED, about Buffy, the legend of whom shall never die (the image of Buffy and Spike will never die), and the Lightbulb, a pop culture podcast.  As if that weren't enough, they run Storywonk, one of the best book servicing organizations around, plus Lani teaches part time at SUNY.  And they're raising two adolescent daughters, God help them.

I can't recommend them highly enough.  I was listening to Dusted, and I emailed and asked Lani for links so I could pass them along.  Here's what she said:

StoryWonk is where story experts take on pop culture. Right now, we're producing The Scot and the Sassenach, an Outlander podcast; Dusted, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast; and The Light Bulb, a pop-culture podcast. And there are more slated for the future, including the StoryWonk Seminar, which delves specifically into books, giving the full literary dissection treatment to books that deserve that treatment, but usually don't get it. (Right now, we're reading Outlander as part of The Scot and the Sassenach, but you can influence the next Seminar pick here, but go fast - voting closes on Tuesday!) More podcasts are coming soon!

I need to go visit and have them teach me more about podcasting.  In fact, I need to take my spanking new expensive microphone and have them show me how I could do an audio version of one of my novellas, just to see whether it could fly.  I have acting experience and a decent voice, so it's worth a shot, particularly in novella length, and they live in a town in upstate NY that's the equivalent of Stars Hollow (in Gilmore Girls) which would be wonderful to visit.  If I ever find the time and if it ever stops snowing and if my right arm ever feels better.

ITunes has podcasts on anything you could possibly want.  Storywonk's a great start, and then branch out further.  We all spend so much damned time in cars nowadays, and books are sometimes too much of a commitment. There's a cornucopia out there, if only you look.

Try a podcast.  You'll like it.