Decluttering One Bite at a Time

So my house looks like something out of hoarders and we're trying to sell it and move across the country.  No small task, and at times I just want to sit down and weep.  I was raised by wolves, as Jenny would say, so I have no idea how many bras a normal woman would have.

Mind you, my bra size doesn't change much no matter how much weight I gain or lose (which is a fairly constant thing -- or can change be constant?  My weight fluctuations certainly are).  Almost all my bras are the same size -- okay, I confess, 42C.  I have some 40Cs from when I'm a little thinner, and I've experimented with 42Ds and 40Ds.  And I'm certainly not going to get a bra fitting and throw out all these bras.

What I need to figure is a reasonable number of bras a woman should have, double that, and throw out the rest.  I'm someone who almost always wears a bra -- they're not uncomfortable (a few of them might be, but I try to avoid them).

So here's your task.  Take a look at this picture and guess how many bras I have.  There are a few pairs of tights in the drawer, and a couple of camisoles, and the drawer is shallow, but add in two or three in the wash or just lying around the bedroom.

Too many brassiere

Whoever comes closest to the right number wins a brand new ARC of CONSUMED BY FIRE, the first book in the FIRE series, the American off-shoot of the ICE series.

I'm guessing 30, but I'm probably way overestimating.

Not only do you need to guess, you need to tell me how many I should reasonably have.  I have front clasps, back clasps, underwire, no underwire, soft spandex in bright colors, structured and padded ones in animal prints, minimizers and even long-line corset type things.

Somebody help me.  I'm drowning in bras!