Dumb-Ass of the Year Award

Well, I've been under the weather, so to speak.  Suffering from the megrims.  A full month ago my editor sent me the proofs (I guess they can't be called page proofs since they're not on the page) with a request to get it to her by the 23rd.  Proofs are easy peasy fast work, but I was too depressed to even think about it.  Suddenly it was the 22nd and I panicked.  Said could I have three more days.  Instead the saintly woman gave me till January 5th.  So yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and do them, and I couldn't find them anywhere on my computer.  Not in dropbox (the Usual Suspect), not in documents, not nohow not nowhere.  And of course what sane woman would be working the day after New Years day when it's a Friday?

Which meant, as usual, I'd be completely unprofessional and throw myself on her mercy on Monday, having failed again.

I emailed her, just on the off-chance, and got her automatic I'm-out-having-a-riotously-good-time message, and I contemplated throwing myself in front of the next snow plow except it's too cold out there (hovering around zero).

When lo and behold an after-Christmas miracle!  My editor must have heard my bat-signal and checked her email.  She sent me fresh links (to the work, not an order of sausages) and I did them in a quick two hours.

Procrastination is not my friend.  By now Montlake must be used to me.  By now romance publishing must be used to me.  I never will behave myself, but at least I've got to learn to get things done in a timely manner so I don't hold other people up.

Sigh.  It's a lost cause.