What I did Last Summer

So, totally evil.  It's been a long summer, but now we've got snow, and I'm settling down and trying to be sane (sometimes it's an effort).  But let me fill you in on what I've been doing.

First, summer is theater time.  We have a fabulous theater group in town, with Tony-nominated actors as artists-in-residence, wonderful directors, and in another year and a half a phenomenal theater.  At this point we act in a tent (though it's a huge, cool tent) and dress in a classroom at the nearby school, and we work our asses off.  I've had featured roles (I got to be a nun in Sound of Music, which was what lured me in in the first place), the mayor's wife in Music Man, a role I was born to play, and Mrs. Mullen in Carousel.  This year I was in the chorus in Kiss Me Kate, which has fabulous music, and a courtier in Hamel, and I loved it.  I didn't have to worry about screwing up my lines!



My, that's a big picture.  That's not full Mrs. Mullin regalia -- when she wasn't on I came on without a hat and sang in the chorus.  Fortunately this is northern Vermont and wearing heavy costumes in the middle of summer is seldom a problem.

I spent a lot of time floating in the lake, listening to audiobooks, and ending up getting gloriously tan and burnished on my front side while I stayed fish-belly white on the back, but tant pis.  I coped with family trauma, spent long, lovely mornings on the deck drinking coffee with my husband, and I didn't write at all.

But summer finally came to an end.  The plays were over (both of them brilliant, with fabulous reviews), I started going to Al-Anon, my therapist came back from vacation (you all know I've got a problem with depression, right?), and I started to write again, and I love it to pieces.  The snow began to fall, and I began to look at the glorious Tom Hiddleston in a whole new light (I'll tell you about Crimson Peak another time).


I've had lots of Deep Thoughts that I'll pass on to you, but in the meantime this is what I do when I'm not writing, and I have a marvelous time with my fabulous theater family, with people like Sabra, Charlie, Marla, Nicole, Lily, Rex, John, Brian, Dana,  Elye, Richard, my fabulous cousins Helen and Emmie, And a thousand more.  In the winter I'm isolated and focused on my writing,  In the summer I get to play.

It's a good life.