Kindle Daily Deal

CONSUMED BY FIRE is a Kindle Daily Deal today - only $1.99 for the book I had the most fun writing in my loooong career (when I first typed long with many o's autocorrect tried to change it to lounge, making me envision myself as a sleazy lounge singer like Bill Murray used to play.  "Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars."  Love Bill Murray.

But I digress.  Anyway, CONSUMED BY FIRE is available at Amazon for today only, and it's got sex and violence exotic settings, a wonderful dog, classic RVs, a gorgeous, ruthless man and a really tough heroine (for a change - my heroines tend to be vulnerable).  I probably screwed up on one of the villains but I really liked him, but apart from that it's a really good book, if you like my kind of books, and I assume, if you're reading here, that you do.  I'd put that as an A+ book, and out of God knows how many books there are few that rank that high.

For me, the A+s are:

NIGHTFALL. NIGHT OF THE PHANTOM, AGAINST THE WIND, BLACK ICE, ICE STORM, ON THIN ICE, A ROSE AT MIDNIGHT, TANGLED LIES, THE DEMON COUNT.  There may be a few others, but those are some of my personal favorites, and CONSUMED BY FIRE is in that company.

My favorites are not necessarily yours.  For one thing, it has to do with the process of writing the book - the harder the book is to write, the less I like it (I'm creative but lazy).  For another, if it mirrors stuff that hit my buttons then I respond more strongly.

And some are just my particular fantasy.  I want to be on the road in a classic RV with a dangerously sexy hero and a wonderful dog named Merlin (who was a tribute to Anne McCaffrey and one of my favorite books, MARK OF MERLIN).

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