Bra Progress

Well, i'm progressing slowly with the bra decluttering.   I tossed the belly dancing costume (sigh -- I still have the skirt with like ten yards of chiffon and anyway, who wants to see a 67 year old belly dancer?  Then again, I've seen an ancient female flamenco dancer and she was cool as hell). I found I have 7 of my favorite bras, so I can't give up those, I have three leopard print bras, two with underwires, so I'm wearing them to see how comfortable they are.  The one without wires made the grade (and it's purple!) so now I'm wearing the the beige one

Aiyeee!!!!!!!!  I tried to take a picture of me in the bra, with all other parts decently covered, and there were these two massive, leopard cantaloups.  Oh, the horror!  You're going to have to miss my modeling.  I may have to toss this one just for the PTSD of seeing that photo.

I've tossed three front closing bras, and I'm trying to be tough but damn, it's hard, particularly when we're dealing with a family crisis as we speak.  I'll explain about that after it's dealt with, but God knows, it ain't easy.

However, through it all I am writing.  Usually up in the bedroom, long hand, though I did do some work straight into the computer over the weekend.  Since then I've gotten up at 5 or 6 in the morning, gone downstairs and started writing longhand in my Clairfontaine notebook (yes, I'm one of those tiresome writers who swears by her Clairefontaine).  I use a fountain pen nowadays and the ink just flows over the elegant paper, making it much less painful on the hands.  Nevertheless last night my right hand was aching and I had no idea why.  It wasn't until I started writing at 5:10 am that it struck me.  However I have nice warming mitts I can put in the microwave to soothe them, and I'll do exercises in between.  The problem with the rotator cuff is it hurts to be in my usual writing position (in a recliner with the laptop on a lap desk) and I haven't found an alternative.  So long hand it is, and the book seems to be demanding it.

My plan is to attempt to write two books at a time, which is tricky, but I'm hoping with the long hand it'll be easier to do.  Writing long-hand gives you an enforced intimacy with your work (whereas dictating straight into the machine, which I've found I've been able to do, gives an enforced distance).  So the plan is to work my ass of during the week on the book with the deadline, and work my ass off on the weekend with Brandon and Emma.  I always liked to alternate romantic suspense with historical, though I did them back to back.   Maybe I can do them back to back during the week and weekend.  Otherwise I'll finish this one (the second FIRE book nee American ICE) and then finish up Brandon and Emma right afterwards, while I'm waiting for all the diddly shit stuff we have to do, like revisions and page proofs and cover copy and stuff.  Well, it's not diddly shit, but I consider anything that's not putting new words down on paper (or actually the computer screen) to be fake work.  The only real work is creating new stuff.  A weird head set, when all that other stuff (particularly revisions) is so important, but there you go.

So I've already written 6 pages long hand, drank my coffee, had a shower, sewed the gathering stitches on the ruffle and the waist of the doll dress I'm making, dealt with psychiatrists (not mine) and written to you guys.

Lesson for today.  Do not take a picture of your boobs in a leopard skin bra and put it on the internet.  Lesson number two -- keep writing, no matter how bad things are in the household, no matter what the crisis. 

Lesson number three -- try to enjoy yourself anyway (the gathering stitches on the doll clothes, e.g.).  And don't dive head first into chocolate or whatever your drug of choice is, no matter how tempted.

So saith the Wise Woman of romance writing (or at least one of the longest-lived).  Jane Krentz, Jennifer Blake and Ann Maxwell have been writing a little bit longer then me, but not much, and I, the all-knowing Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock, feel wise enough to pass on my learning).

So make sure today's work includes having fun, no matter what kind of crisis you're in.  If I can do it between tears then so can you.