Life Update

Since last we spoke things went to hell in a hand basket, and I will spare you the details (mostly because they're not my details to share.)  I'm slowly, cautiously poking my head above the trenches to see whether it gets shot off or not, but so far, so good.

On the bra front (and who cares about the bra back) I've managed to get rid of about a dozen.  Which still leaves me with 37 -- is that possible?  I must persevere.

And I'm writing, but it's coming slowly because my rotator cuff issue makes typing difficult.  so I write longhand, dictate with Dragon, then go in and correct all the mistakes (though each version of Dragon gets better and better.

Hmmm.  I want a hero named Drago.  Such a cool name.  I think it belongs to a dissolute Italian count.  Oh, I already wrote a dissolute Italian count.  

I've made a number of discoveries in the past few weeks:

1.  Reading bad writing is so depressing it makes you stop wanting to write.  I'm reading some pretty painful RITA entries and it's having a bad effect on my motivation.

2.  However, I'm reading Jay Crownover's Better When He's Wild (I think that's the title -- it's about Race) and it's inspiring me, making my own characters feel more alive.  I think in the future I should only read terrific books like this one.

3.  Root canals DO still hurt.  They just hurt for a couple of days afterwards, not during the actual procedure.

4.  It's more painful when a member of the family goes through a hard time than when you go through a hard time.  I'm finally able to sleep at night.

5.  It's hard when I don't have anyone around to go "there, there" and make me feel better.

6.  It's hard to be facing our 40th wedding anniversary (on the first, Roger Daltrey's birthday) and not only can we not go on our much delayed honeymoon, but we can't even go out for dinner.  As for replacing my wedding ring and getting one for Richie -- don't make me laugh.  However, a great marriage is a lot more important than gold rings and trips to Hawaii or the Caribbean, so I won't whine.  Much.

That's pretty good for two weeks or so (well, number 6 isn't good but my mother was a martyr so I don't want to be).  And besides, I've got a terrific book to read, and that makes most of the bad stuff go away.  After all, that's why I read, and write.  To make the bad stuff go.

Anyone read something fabulous that banished your demons?