Two Days Later

So far so good.  Oatmeal with nuts and fruit for breakfast, whole grain crackers counted out, non-fat sandwich for lunch.  Dinner's more challenging because we're eating out, but basically I'm making smart choice.  We went to a Mexican restaurant last night and I had fajitas.  (Truth in advertising department -- I also had a passion fruit margarita).  Today I'm keeping on with the plan (third day).

And the plan is basically Mediterranean/low carb.  Only complex carbo hydrates, lots of veggies and salads and fruit. Lean meat and legumes.  If I can do it on the road and staying in my SIL's house then doing it at home should be a piece of cake.

I'm really feeling in the zone, too.  Not tempted by treats, etc. Tomorrow we go to Trader Joe's and that might be painful, but I'll survive.  And we have lunch at my friend Naki's, so I'll just have to make smart choices.

But praise the lord I feel ready!!!  I can do this, I can feel better, I can enjoy the things around me instead of sitting.

Life is a banquet, and it tastes a lot better than food.