One Week Later

At least I think it's been a week later.  I've been good.  Managing protein (eggs or oatmeal) for breakfast and no sausages or bacon (at lot of the days we've been in motels with breakfast available).  At dinner I'm skipping starch if I can, we're having whole wheat sandwiches with no fat and lots of carrot sticks, a small handful of nuts, no more beer (wahhhh!).  I did do two wicked things but they were necessary.

I went out to lunch with at Cuoco, a Tom Douglas restaurant, and they had a blood orange soda.  I used blood oranges in a pivotal scene in BLACK ICE, so I've always had a great affection for them, so it was a spiritual necessity.   And then my editors told me that Cuoco had the most amazing coconut cream pie, if I happened to like coconut.  I LOVE COCONUT.  So I had a fall from grace, and it was worth every bite, but then at dinner that night I was good again and have been from then on.

That's the difference when you're in the zone.  You don't take one slip as permission to go on a binge for the day, and then keep slipping day after day.  One slip and then back on the horse.  I'm so tired of feeling tired.  I want to dance!

We're heading back to VT tomorrow, back to the snow.  It's barely rained while we've been in the PNW, so I don't think we got a clear sense of the weather, nor a clear sense of where we'd want to live, but we're getting closer to decision.  All I need is a view and I can write anywhere.

With or without coconut cream pie.