Driven by Fire, A Little Backstory and What's Coming Next

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Available Now
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So much is happening right now and most important of all is the debut of Driven by Firethe second book in my Fire series.

The Fire series actually originated in the Ice series, starting with Black Ice – some of my very best romantic suspense. The originals involved icy heroes, feisty heroines, the threat of world collapse, steamy sex, and all the goodies those things bring. I will be my usual impeccably tactful self and not volunteer a rant on how my publishers handled those books – no one likes a whiner, and it’s better to move on than to hold a grudge. But there I was with my wonderful world of the Committee (a group of fairly unscrupulous covert agents out to save the world any way they can) and nowhere to go, being told that changing publishers in the middle of a series is almost impossible unless you’re Debbie Macomber or Nora Roberts. I couldn’t stand it, so I wrote one more on my own, On Thin Ice, and it ended up being one of the best of the bunch, winning awards and making me very happy.

But feeling rejected by the world of Romantic Suspense (which is really what I’ve always written, whether historical, contemporary, series romance or paranormal) I turned back to historicals, which I adore, giving them, as always, a romantic suspense thread.

But then historicals took a dive, and I was flummoxed as to what to turn to. Much as I enjoyed the Shagging the Billionaire books, they weren’t what I wanted to write, and I nearly burst into tears of joy when my new and much wiser publisher asked if there was any reason why I didn’t want to write romantic suspense?

There still remained the problem of moving the series from one house to another, but I came up with a simple solution. The Committee of the Ice Series (Black Ice, Cold as Ice, Ice Blue, Ice Storm, Fire and Ice, On Thin Ice) is located in London, and most of the action was international. It was time for an American branch.

The first one, Consumed by Fire, ending up being one of the books that was the most fun to write, even after all these years. An innocent young woman accidentally witnesses a murder without realizing it, gets seduced and abandoned by one of the killers (who of course is actually a Committee operative and the victim was a Very Bad Man who needed killing), only to have her lover reappear five years later under extraordinary circumstances. What follows is a battle royale of the sexes, danger, a wonderful dog named in tribute to the late Anne McCaffrey, and a new Committee branch set up in New Orleans.

The second book, Driven by Fire, is just as much fun and there’s very little cross-over between the first and second book, so you can read them out of order. In book two, Jenny Parker is a pro bono lawyer who is estranged from her organized crime family. She is determined to do everything she can to protect her baby brother, the only member of her family she trusts, and she’s willing to bend the law to do it, convinced of his innocence. Matthew Ryder is the new head of the American Committee, and he knows she’s hiding something about criminal organization they’d just busted. The only problem is he’s falling in love with her, even as he suspects her of terrible crimes. As for Jenny, she knows his way lies disaster, but she’s drawn to him anyway.

“A criminal’s daughter. A covert agent. A dangerous desire.” That’s what it says on the back cover and that pretty much sums it up. As well as luscious sex, danger and violence, it all wraps up into an adventurous romantic suspense well in keeping with the tradition of my “Ice” and “Fire” series.

There’ll be lots of new reissues coming up in the near future, including favorite books that haven’t seen the light of day in decades and are, to my amazement, really good, but I’ll tell you more about them later.

These days, I’m busy writing book three of the Fire series (slowed down by shoulder surgery but I’m finally getting up to speed again) and there are a lot more irons in the fire, including a final Rohan book (Brandon and Emma), a final Fallen book (Lucifer and a nun -- I’m so bad!) plus a classic romantic suspense set in Spain that’s Mary Stewart on Viagra.

But in the meantime, I hope you love Driven by Fire as much as I do!