Welcome to my new headquarters!

Oooh, cool. I’m on new software, and it’s actually the same as my old software, and suddenly I can do all the things that were such a pain in the butt in the old blog program (I shall name no names). The sun is shining, the revisions are going well, and all’s right with the world.

But … I’m not getting enough work done in my allotted time, and I have all these books I want to write. Granted, I took a number of false turns with the MIP (Mess in Progress), the final book in the Rohan saga (unless I find Brother Charles salvageable and kill his wife). So I’ve tossed 20 pages here and 20 pages there (don’t worry – I’ll toss ’em up on the website later on). I’m ripping and rewriting and adding and subtracting but I don’t seem to be making progress quickly enough. Maybe I’m a little gun-shy – I kept plowing ahead with this (tentatively called HEARTLESS), thinking I could fix it in revisions, until I got so tangled up that I couldn’t go any further. I’m wary of traveling down that same road, so I may be overthinking. I’m a very instinctive writer – too much left-brain activity isn’t good for me.

I suppose all I can do is keep my head down and keep going and stop being so hard on myself. Books take as long as they need to get written, and this one seems to be taking its time. Barbara Keiler (Judith Arnold) used to say she wrote the easy ones first. For me, some are easy and some are hard and some are such a pain in the butt that I never want to read them again (I will name no names). Some of them are a massive pain in the butt and I adore them.

The longer I write (and I’ve been writing a long time) the less certain I am that I know anything about writing at all. I’ve been saving writing tips on Pinterest that I might eventually find useful (it’s not all sewing and doll clothes for me ) and working on being even more disciplined. Maybe I just need to cut myself some slack and keep going.

So masquerade romantic suspense in Spain has to wait. Revenge porn has to wait. Finale to the Fallen series has to wait. RAF pilot has to wait.  So many, many things that I want to write have to wait their turn.

Usually I love revising, but right now I want nothing more than to dive back into the book with more sex, violence, humor, passion — all those nice juicy things that usually aren’t in the revisions. I’m just not feeling like an editor right now.

Okay, enough crabbing. I’m so glad Mollie change my website – this software I know how to handle.

For now, though, it’s back to work!

11 thoughts on “Welcome to my new headquarters!

  1. I feel like a Rohan stalker. I keep asking on whatever website you reside. You have left us hanging. Ok i just had to say that forgive me. Keep plugging away and i know we will appreciate it.

  2. I became your fan since I’ve discovered you in 2013 (thanks to A Rose in Midnight), and reading Ice Storm really sealed the deal.

    Can’t wait to read your succeeding books!

  3. Dear Anne, when you release the book on Brandon Rohan, can you also see if it will be available in audio cd or mp3 cd. Lost my sight last year and I rely on my audio cd’s now. I love listen to them over and over occassionally. Please let me know a great fan of yours. Kim Misch

    1. I just finished the Rohan series, reading one right after another! Loved it but I am so anxious to see what happens with Brandon! So glad I found you, starting on House of Russel series next while I patiently wait…

  4. I just read all the Rohan novels again and can’t wait to find out what happened to Brandon. Please publish the new novel as soon as possible. Love your books.

  5. Are there any plans to reissue On Thin Ice? It’s very difficult to find any copies anywhere and particularly in the U.K.!

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