My God it’s been a busy month.  Masses of stuff going on – the Russell books are on sale at Amazon for one more day, The Spinster and the Rake on sale till November as well.  Plus, lots and lots of new stuff going on.

To start, NIGHTFALL, what vies for my most favorite book, has just come out in audio, and I have to say the sex in that book is Epic.  OMG!  Well, the entire book, characters, relationships are incredibly intense, and the sex reflects that.  I can’t tell you how much I love that book.

BREAK THE NIGHT (do I have Night theme going on here?) has come out in paper and e-book, plus it’s going to be in audio as well!  It’s Jack the Ripper, Venice, California, reincarnation, sex, murderer, sex … another theme, alas.

And then, just this month, a long lost treasure has reappeared.  Centuries ago I wrote a book called BANISH MISFORTUNE, which, trust me, is a terrible title.  It’s named after an old fiddle tune, and it really worked, except that you can’t say it out loud even once, much less three times in a row, and you can’t abbreviate it by the initials either.  It won the RITA for best single title Way Back Then, beating Lavyrle Spencer (who helpfully send me a five-page letter on how I could become a better writer when it did) but it was part of a very short-lived program put out by Harlequin American, my publisher at the time.  They were called Harlequin American Premiere Editions, and my book sold a grand total of 5,000 copies at a time when the regular ones were selling 70 to 80,000.  It was never reprinted, though Mira had planned to.

So we changed the title, considering so few people had ever read it – it’s now WHEN THE STARS FALL DOWN, available everywhere.  There are a couple of reviews at Amazon that are very dismissing, which surprises me – I was blown away by it when I reread it after more than thirty years.  It’s very autobiographical (and I adore the subplot) so maybe it’s just me, but if you’ve read it and like it hike on over to Amazon and slap me up a good review.   I kept the time period in the early 80s, because to me it was such a clear representation of that time and how it felt.  It’s a little heart-breaking, got a perfect ending, great sex … Ah, good times.

And I finished HEARTLESS (I’m doing the revisions right now), Emma and Brandon’s story, and it’s a good ‘un.  Brandon turned out to be a bit more decent than my usual heroes – he has his demons but he also has a certain amount of fairness, and he likes tender sex as well as rough sex.

(Good God, do I only talk about sex?  I’ve written some very good books without it, and some of my favorite books have none.  However, since we’re reading and writing love stories, I want to experience all of it, not just up to the bedroom door).

More stuff is in the pipeline.  I’m not sure how Heartless is going to be published – I’ll no more when the revisions are done, and then I’m off to write a bit of revenge-porn, plus a Christmas novella, plus so many other stories …

In the meantime, though, happy reading.


7 thoughts on “October

  1. I love you and your writing. Please never stop writing and write fast as a bunny. You are my favorite author. I have read everything you have wrote including Banish Misfortunate( with the exception of the Jack the Ripper book.) Stay strong and I will continue to pray for your health! Best Regards and much Love for you and your writing! You Go Girl!

    1. The Jack the Ripper book (Break the Night) isn’t that bad. Seen and Not Heard and Silver Falls are both a great deal more gruesome. I even think Black Ice might be bloodier.

  2. I am THRILLED that Emma and Brandon’s story is done. I’ve been waiting since the last Rohan book, checking your blog every week, as well as the Amazon discussion forums. Absolutely THRILLED! Thank you for writing their story.

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