Groundhog Day

Well, I suppose I could do the same paragraph over and over again in honor of Bill Murray’s movie, but I’ll resist the temptation. But man, I love Bill Murray!

So someone came up with the idea of doing a piece of art every day in February on Instagram. Unfortunately I don’t remember who it was, but the suggestion was mostly for visual art, drawings etc. Of course I’ll take it one step further – it gives me a way to explore Instagram and connect with more people.. I’m relearning how to play the guitar, and last night I worked out “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” Key of C, which is a pain because F-chords have always been a pain, but it’s good key to sing in. I think I’m going to have to accept F chords if that’s my new key.

Upate on everything – I’ve started the process of getting HEARTLESS edited – I never need heavy editing so it shouldn’t be much, and then we go forward with covers, etc. (unless some traditional publisher swoops in with an offer I can’t refuse). So HEARTLESS, Brandon and Emma’s story, is getting closer to the light of day.

The Harlequin Reprints are momentarily on hiatus while I rework them – I have interesting ideas about things to do with them.

Ice/Heat is on hold for its turn in the line-up. I want to do Remy’s story in New Orleans, then enough time has passed for Peter and Bastien’s children to grow up. I’ve got so many books in my head that I’ve forgotten who has who, but I know Bastien has a daughter and Swede, and Peter has a daughter and Mahmoud (wasn’t that his name?) plus Dylan from On Thin Ice. Anyway, I love the idea of Mahmoud and Dylan both wanting the same young woman, who loves them both (normally I don’t like triangles but this might be a quadrangle or an incredible tangle of emotions while the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and I’m going to love playing with them.

In the meantime I’m playing with a new idea that I’ve wanted to write for probably 25 years – I remember Harlequin shied away from it and that was looooong ago.

So masses of things to do and not enough time to do it.

I do have a question, but there’s no need to answer if you don’t have an opinion. I’m wrestling with POV and tense on the new MIP (Mess In Progress). It’s almost definitely going to be alternating first person hero and heroine, but for some reason I started out in present tense. It seemed to demand it. Now I’m rethinking the whole thing.

Some people find present tense incredibly annoying. For me it’s basically invisible if the book is good.

Does anyone out there have a strong opinion for or against present tense? (You know the Dracula comes into the room instead of Dracula came into the room).

11 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Love your books, Anne. Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on your writing and your life in general.

    Present tense? I absolutely hate it. I find it distracting and less evocative because it seems as if the narrator is now “telling” the story versus “showing”, and have stopped reading books that incorporate the style. It’s your book at the end of the day, of course, but this is my two cents.

  2. Are we seeing the action from our Hero/ heroine’s perspective. Are they describing it from inside their head?
    That might be kind of cool .

    So I’m sure it’ll be great…Just a thought or two….no opinions from a total non writer!

  3. I can’t really recall reading a book in present tense. I got stuck writing in it for a while and switched gears partway through in my own private ramblings. Not much help, sorry.

    If you write it, I will read it. I am not sure that this helps either. Happy Groundhog’s day!

  4. I don’t enjoy present tense at all…however I am a big fan, you are an auto buy for me. I’m looking forward to whatever’s in store!

  5. I really, really, really don’t like first person because I like to be the fly on the wall and know what BOTH the hero and heroine are thinking/feeling. But present tense can be written in third point of view, correct?
    Yay! Remy gets his story!!!!! Boo! on triangle! Triangle = No Good, because someone always loses! And yes, Mahmoud was his name.

    So no stories from you this year? That’s just…WRONG! I need my DARK ANNE STUART HERO FIX!!!! I checked Amazon and there’s nothing, NOTHING coming from you!!! Okay, okay, I am being selfish. (taking a deep deep calming breath) So, when can we expect the next new book from you? Will it be the next anticipated Rohan book?

    1. Actually I hate triangles too, so it’s not going to be a real triangle. No real broken hearts in sight, I think. And HEARTLESS will be out soon – it’s being edited. Be patient, grasshopper.

      1. I’m TRYYYYYING! But it’s so HARD!!!!!!! to be patient, that is!
        But are we not getting anything from you this year? ????

  6. I have been somewhat patient waiting for Brandon and Emma’s story. Actually I am lying as I check this site constantly to see the miracle of seeing Heartless ready to buy and read. Poleez Anne, take pity on those us waiting to see those two damaged people fond redemption.

  7. I don’t like present tense and first person but you are a goddess to me so I’ll read it if you write it.

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