I’m Baaaack

So, okay, we know I’m terrible at keeping this blog up to date. I keep making promises and utterly failing, but I’m always hopeful. Maybe I actually write something every Monday.

So what’s been happening to me while the world has been falling apart (at this point I will keep away from politics – just know I’m as bleeding-heart liberal bordering on anarchist that you can imagine)? Anyway, Covid hit and I’m been locked in the house with my gorgeous husband of 45 years with nowhere to go. Perfect time to write a book, right?

Nope. I may have baked everything under the sun, but I did not want to write, even though I had a book that was two-thirds done. You know all those rules about writing? Apply the seat of your pants to the seat of the chair. Just sit at the typewriter and open a vein. Write whether you feel like it or not.

Uh, that can be dangerous. Because I rewrote the 2/3 of a book that I had, and finally got to the love scene, and it took me days to get them in bed. And unlike some of my prissier sisters, I love to write sex. It’s central to my adult love stories – if characters have sex I want to hear about it. It changes everything in a story, it’s immensely important, and yet I couldn’t make my couple do it. And when they finally did, I was left feeling … meh. Mind you, it was good sex. I just didn’t care.

I spent the next month or so finishing the book, working so slowly I was afraid I’d lost my mojo. I really got worried when I wrote the end – I did at at a rate of 500 words a day. Now when I finish a book I zoom through it, because everything’s coming together and the action is high and I usually write at least 10,000 words straight (Which is about 4-5 hours work if the words are coming). So, okay, my career was over, the book I wanted to get back to was going to suck and I’d hate it and if this miserable experience was my writing life from now on then I was going to say fuck it and quit.

Fortunately I have people like Crusie and Lynda Ward to talk me down. Plus my therapist. So I put the wretched finished mss. to one side for a couple of weeks, and read the next thing I was going to work on. It was clumsy, it was awkward. But it was riveting.

So I went back to my hated mss. and realized I simple had to throw out that last third of the book (Oh, the humanity!) I did. Went back to before they had sex and changed it completely and then everything began to fall into place. I have no idea how that happened – in the past when I’ve gone in the wrong direction I catch it in a chapter or two. I just didn’t listen to myself this time. Didn’t listen to the girls in the basement (speaking of which, isn’t Barbara O’Neal doing splendidly nowadays? I love it when a friend hits the big time.)

So now I’m almost done, and it works, thank God. No strange directions and characters doing things that make sense but aren’t right. Taking a look at the flawed book, it could have been a perfectly decent book. I ticked all the boxes (not literally) with motivation, character development, plot coming to a big finale, bad guys conquered. It just wasn’t my book. You’d think after all these years I’d trust my instincts, but my instincts were way off.

Now I just need one of the 10,000 days and it’ll be done. And I just gotta hope I learned my lesson.

I spent part of the quarantine rereading old favorites, like Mine Til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas, and When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James, and Cotillion by Georgette Heyer (which I love as an adult but didn’t care for as a young ‘un).

Did any of you revisit beloved old favorites? There’s such a comfort in them. If you wanted to reread something, what would you pick? (I need some new keepers to discover).

See you next Monday. I swear!

11 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack

  1. Glad your back!!!!! I re-read Devil’s Waltz and Ruthless!!! You should try Kerrigan Byrne, Sarah Maclean and Tessa Dare!!!
    I can’t wait for your next one!! Is it historical!

  2. Wow, it’s refreshing to see an established author be so honest about times when writing just isn’t going according to plan. Thank you for sharing the realities!

    As for revisiting old favourites… this is going to sound like I’m being a sook. Ever since lockdown started in Scotland, I’ve been re-reading your Ice series–apart from book 6 which Amazon disappeared from my kindle 😒. I’m now onto the Fire series for the milliontyith time–I blame James Bishop 😍.

    1. I just started reading the ice series – but can’t find a paperback of book 6 anywhere – short of spending over $100!! Do you know if it was a limited release?

  3. Ice series…love it so much. Love audio versions. Keeping a lookout on apple store for more of your books.

    Good luck with your inspirations!

  4. I adore Mine Til Midnight. My favorite out of the series. School closed in March and after teaching online for a few weeks (maybe 6?) they closed us down. Too many kids don’t have access to the internet and too many parents are essential workers who weren’t there to guide them at home in the maze of online learning. I’m at risk and have to stay in as well. Have read and re-read everything I own. (Incidentally, that includes every book you’ve published.) Downloaded some decent and some really bad KU books. I’ve really enjoyed Ilona Andrews’ series which I’ve re-read, and Hailey Edwards’ Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy series. Also Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson. Looking for the next great thing. How soon will your book be released?

  5. I have been re-reading all of my Anne Stuart books! I don’t want anything new right now. I have to admit, I do re-read Moonrise every 2-3 years since that is my favorite. Glad you are writing and surviving as best you can. That is all we can do right now.
    Much love and gratitude, Kel

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