Back From Dead

I bet you thought I’d disappeared for life. Like everyone else I’ve been dealing with Covid restrictions and being even more reclusive, but I’m fully vaccinated, spring has sprung (despite having two snowstorms in the past 2 weeks and flurries on some of the other days. Vermont is gorgeous but it doesn’t do spring.)
I’ve also been battling really obnoxious writer’s block, something I seldom have had to deal with. I’ve spent so damned much time thinking about why I’m not writing that I know a lot of the reasons – for one, the money matters, and I’ve spent most of my career making choices based on creativity, not money. The one time I thought I could take the money and run was a total disaster, and the many times I’ve chosen a less lucrative offer over a more generous one I haven’t regretted it.
And the last book, THE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WORST MAN IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES did so well, got such nice reviews and made so much money that I’m a little paralyzed in trying to equal it (when I know perfectly well this is a different book and I shouldn’t be comparing). And I’m being greedy on a creative level – I want each book to be utterly brilliant and ravishing, but the only way you write a brilliant and ravishing book is to write the damned thing.
So I was whining to Crusie yesterday, trying to decide between which two books to work on, my old-skool romantic suspense or my new historical, and I finally decided to get over myself and get to work. So that’s what I’m doing. (Of course, you notice I’m writing this post instead of actually working on the book, but that’s incidental.)
So, starting today, I’m diving back into the terribly-titled Beggar’s Ken, and I’m going to write until it’s done and then slap and knead and pummel it into shape. I was thinking of tossing out chapters, but that will just make me feel frustrated, so I’m moving forward, and as Crusie would say, nothing but good times ahead.
And then I’ll finish the Old-skool romantic suspense, which I love and isn’t what people are wanting from me, and then maybe my Indiana Jones-is adventure, or I’ll write something entirely different. Writing makes me happy.
So today I’m going to make myself happy and write.

13 thoughts on “Back From Dead

  1. So, are we talking 2 or 3 books ? No pressure but your readers are anxiously awaiting your books–whatever genre. Beggars’ Ken –seriously ?

  2. Glad your back. We readers we getting worried. Any idea about doing more Kristina Douglas???❤️❤️

  3. Good luck with the writing, and I hope this bout of writer’s block dissipates fast. FWIW, I love your historicals, but your romantic suspense is my absolute favourite! Your RS blows everyone else’s out of the water, and I can’t wait to get my mitts on the next one you publish.

    1. Oh, Lordy, I have missed your posts. You have got me through Covid with rereading your collection. I love them more the second, third, … yes, tenth time. I happily eat them up the way your soul happily writes them.

  4. Hi!! Don’t mind where you have been as long as you come back, lol.
    Thank you for choosing quality over quantity! Wish more authors did.
    Whatever you write will be fabulous.
    Whatever you write will be a keeper.
    Whatever you write will be worth the wait.
    My personal favs are the historical romances with the dark bad boys (just sayin’).
    Am willing to proofread for free. 🙂
    I like “Beggars Ken” title!
    Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I love the historicals. Write more! I love how you manage to just about redeem some utterly revolting men ! I am absolutely ready for more of them please .

  6. I have read all…well, actually, probably only most…of your books and loved everyone, but especially the historicals and the Fire and Ice books. I just finished bingeing the 3 Fire books and am wondering if there are any plans in the works for Remy, Jack and Emery?
    I truly hope you have made yourself happy and worked through your writer’s block, writing something that fires up your creativity.

  7. I love reading your books. You are one of the only writers that I can’t get enough of, and I often find myself re-reading your books. With that being said, will you be doing anymore stories in the Fire Series? I LOVED the Ice Series, and when you wrote the Fire Series, I got just as hooked on those.

  8. So excited you are back and doing what only you do best! Deeply saddened that it seems the new books are not in print editions…. please tell me they will be eventually! Keep writing and be well.

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