The Log-Jam has Broken

Finally, FINALLY, I have finished my latest historical. It’s called IT TAKES A THIEF (to be followed by TO CATCH A THIEF) and I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief. It’s the story of a young woman with the heart and soul of a pirate, determined to find her childhood love. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that, given that he’s the king of thieves, and he thinks of her as a child, and she’s determined not to be the good girl she’s been trying so hard to be. There are escapes and villains galore, with a nice secondary love story. What more can you ask?
It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and all the other outlets at the discounted price of $4.99 (it goes up to $6.99 on its publication date, June 28th). Here’s the link:

And not only that, I’ve gone back to my beloved romantic suspense novel and am in the midst of finishing it off, so it’ll be ready for publication in a couple of months. This one is classic Mary Stewart (with sex) and so much fun. I’m having trouble with the title, though. The original was GAME OF SHADOWS, which is stupid. Then there RETURN TO MARIPOSA, ESCAPE FROM MARIPOSA (Mariposa is the family estate) and the simple CHARADE. RETURN TO MARIPOSA probably fits it best but I don’t want people confused with RETURN TO CHRISTMAS, which was a time travel return, not a geographic one. Anyone got any ideas? It’s about cousins taking each other’s place when the patriarch is dying. MASQUERADE AT MARIPOSA? Naaah.

But title of not, it’s so delicious I’m actually looking forward to writing every day. And then I have to choose between Part Two of the Thief Chronicles (TO CATCH A THIEF), the sequel to BLACK ICE (I have a great idea!) or my 1930’s adventure novel. So many books, so little time.

Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas for the romantic suspense book. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the book – A ROSE AT MIDNIGHT was about as random as you can get.

10 thoughts on “The Log-Jam has Broken

  1. Can’t WAIT for It Takes a Thief! We had dinner or drinks or something together many eons ago at RWA. I’ll always remember those fun times — even if the details are a *little* fuzzy now. 😉 Here’s to much success in the new publishing world.

  2. Black Ice is my second-favorite Anne Stuart book (Moonrise is #1), so the thought there might someday be a sequel to it is thrilling!

  3. What about The Merry Posers of Mariposa?

    Also, my vote is for the sequel to Black Ice!

    Love and admiration, Meg

  4. My comment was never posted…not sure if I messed up submitting it or if it was held up in moderation? My thought for a possible title for your book is ‘The Merry Posers of Mariposa’ (I’m a sucker for a pun. ) Thanks for the fabulous hours of reading!!

  5. Mariposa Charade, I like it😊! I can’t wait for the Black Ice sequel, but I love your historical romances ~ actually, just write whichever one you want and I’ll read them all when you finish. How ’bout that?

  6. Hi and happy weird summer from Maine.
    Havent seen a post lately so hope you are doing well and continuing to avoid the writers block! Love to hear what new with you.
    Elaine O.

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